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I'm excited for the Return to Dreamland remake, since I never played the Wii version. I also liked that Mario Party and Pokemon Stadium were coming to NSO, and that Pauline is in Strikers. But other then that, there wasn't much. I never finished Pikmin 3 on Wii U, and the only Pikmin game I played through in full was Hey! Pikmin on 3DS. So I'm not looking forward to Pikmin 4.

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i spent most of the direct doing this again

yeah i thought it was p good (EDIT: It was just ok actually) but also none of it interested me directly. i expected a new mario and it wasnt there huh

- i joked about the new fire emblem dude whos all red and blue colored: "imagine iff the game detected what joycon you had somehow and then colored accordingly it would be very funny"
- fist of the north star game was funny
- so squids! what did you think!
- lmao they didnt even mention rayman in the mario rabbids stuff. the ui looks more boring than in the prev game what is this featureless void everyone is on
- goldeneye and other n64 stuff is p cool never played it but i bet people are excited
- people ran really weird and funny in that squenix game they just basically floated through the air whereas the walking animiation is normal
- ib is pretty cool. cut to a completely different voice with strikers. also finally diddy
- "the final summer begins You silly its september!"
- "merry moutani from mario akrt tour ITs lal from mario kart tour"
- miyamoto fades in, talks about absolutely heckinf nothing for several minutes, and then drops pikmin 4
- bayonetter has THREE lesbians? They all look gay
- tuned out the moment i heard danganronpa
- "[dark serious voice] the nintendco swtich as a cloud version............"
- kirpy has an interesting new artstyle and dedede looks like a scrimblo bimblo
- cool event for zelda fans
conclusion: no donkey kong 0/10

edit: conclusion two "i tihnk the only things were there were jrpg farming games and pikmin bloom for several minutes"
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i usually dont call directs shit but man that one was pretttty close, so many farming/family raising sims and all the anime games looked the same

i liked that rpg maker horror game tho, bayo 3, kirby, faefarm actually looks like a cool one

but uh yeah mario movie got pushed till spring yayyyyy,,,


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I thought the Direct was OK. There were some good announcements like Pikmin 4 and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom finally getting a name and date reveal, but admittedly not much here interested me personally. I was surprised to see a Mario Kart Wave 3 trailer so soon, even if it only revealed two courses (Peach Gardens is pretty exciting). I am kind of disappointed that we didn't see a new Mario game, though, since we haven't had a completely new one announced since February. This year has been quite light on Mario content.

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Well I guess Advance Wars remains in purgatory. That was the bare minimum thing I asked for, a release date, and nope, nothing.

But hey Goldeneye. I said I would buy NSO if they put it on there. Well they did it.


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Overall, this wasn't really the best Direct. I share the consensus of pretty much everybody else here: too many JRPGs and other third-party junk I don't care about, 25% of it was just Harvest Moon lookalikes, and there was a disappointingly low amount of first-party stuff I was actually interested in (+ a disappointingly low amount of first-party stuff in general). If I can say something positive about it, though, I'd say that the Kirby's Return to Dreamland remake was my favorite announcement out of all of them. Genuinely hyped for that one, especially since it's coming out the day before my birthday! And I might as well give my opinion on the Miyamoto segment...
> shows up
> "the mario movie still exists btw"
> talks about pikmin bloom for like way too long
> "here's the pikmin 4 trailer"
> leaves

In summary: D+. See me after class, Nintendo. You can do better.

(p.s. vote for team grub)

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Kinda disappointed tbh. Was hoping we'd see more of the Mario Movie, but instead Miyamoto talks about Pikmin Bloom for like 5 minutes. Pikmin 4 reveal was cool, but hardly anything of it was shown. Not a fan of how the golf update for Switch Sports got delayed. The Wii version had that in at launch. BOTW2 finally getting a real title is cool, but I was hoping there'd be more gameplay. But I'm guessing they'll show more stuff next year so whatever.

My favorite announcement was probably the new Fire Emblem game. Other than that, pretty lame direct.

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Even with Return To Dream Land Deluxe being cool there should have been many more new features.

That new Fire Emblem game looks like it has the most generic plot possible for anyone to think of too.

One bright side was that this Direct caused me to start looking at a clip of the first Octopath Traveler and it seemed interesting. I’m going to stop buying any new games within around seven months, though.

Not much else to say at all here even with not all of the first three things being positive. It falls pretty short of the February Direct even with that one having flaws too.