Mario series related Dreams you had

P&D Red Koopa Paratroopa

Only the power of the dragon balls can stop me!
An endless SMW world map that you could pathlessly move around on

Mario: a pumpkin head

What did you think this was all about? Pumpkins!?
Bazooka Mario
Had a dream where Mario tried to dress up as [Ray Trace, my sister's OC] and performed a comedy routine, in front of cars, and the cars literally booed him a d threw stuff at him and the routine was overall terrible. Somehow the effectiveness of the routine was like a fluctuating meter. Anyway Mario got an angry moodlet for being booed and was miserable.
I'm playing too much SIMS 4.

Maruto Uzumaki

I will become-a Hokage. Believe it
I once had a dream where i was at some indoor playground and some dude in a Mario costume kicked me and started recreating Jackie Chan moves. weird i know


Koopa con Carne
I was playing Super Mario 64 and I had reached the underside of Cool, Cool Mountain (where you Wall Kick to reach a star), when I saw a Bob-omb Buddy chilling there. He told me there was a long ladder that would lead to a secret star, and proceeded to show me the way to it. As I was climbing the ladder, trying to keep up with the Bob-omb, my real self imperceptibly transfused into Mario’s body and I found myself hanging at a couple thousand metres above the ground, surrounded by nothing but biting cold winds. I began shouting for dear life, hoping either the Bob-omb or the people in my house would hear me, but my cries could not permeate the wind’s noise or the level’s jolly music.

I don’t remember how that wrapped up.

P&D Red Koopa Paratroopa

Only the power of the dragon balls can stop me!
I dreamt I recieved a Go Kart and took it for a drive. It turned out to have a Mario Kart Tour quirk of when it runs into an object instead of crashing it leaps into the air over the object. I found out by accidentally running over a rock and bouncing high off the ground, then tested my theory by driving into a building, and like the rock I was sent straight up into the air and over the building. I did it again but this time instead of landing back on the road I was flung into a volcano, driving out of the volcano via a tunnel at the summit, led me to a snowy mountain. I parked my Go Kart and looked back, and realized I was lost. I took a walk on the snow mountain and encountered a bear, I fled and found a cabin to hide in. The bear sniffed around outside, the door had no lock, so I climbed up on the ceiling beams to hide. The bear opened the door, and to my surprise, spoke.
He said "I know you're here, I can smell you".
I replied "Bears have good noses don't they.. I'm sorry, I hadn't realized you are also a person."
The bear looked at me with a disgruntled face.
I followed up "That was rude of me, I'm sorry".
The bear now looking at me said "This is my cabin you know, what are you doing here?"
I climbed down, "I'm lost, do you know the way back to town?"
Bear, "Sure, I'll start my car."
There was Wario's purple car, in the middle of the cabin. How did I not notice that before??
"I have my own, I can follow you" I said as I got back into my Go Kart and followed the Bear driving his Purple Wario Car down the snowy mountain back to town.