Mario series related Dreams you had

Had a dream where Mario tried to dress up as [Ray Trace, my sister's OC] and performed a comedy routine, in front of cars, and the cars literally booed him a d threw stuff at him and the routine was overall terrible. Somehow the effectiveness of the routine was like a fluctuating meter. Anyway Mario got an angry moodlet for being booed and was miserable.
I'm playing too much SIMS 4.
I once had a dream where i was at some indoor playground and some dude in a Mario costume kicked me and started recreating Jackie Chan moves. weird i know
I was playing Super Mario 64 and I had reached the underside of Cool, Cool Mountain (where you Wall Kick to reach a star), when I saw a Bob-omb Buddy chilling there. He told me there was a long ladder that would lead to a secret star, and proceeded to show me the way to it. As I was climbing the ladder, trying to keep up with the Bob-omb, my real self imperceptibly transfused into Mario's body and I found myself hanging at a couple thousand metres above the ground, surrounded by nothing but biting cold winds. I began shouting for dear life, hoping either the Bob-omb or the people in my house would hear me, but my cries could not permeate the wind's noise or the level's jolly music.

I don't remember how that wrapped up.
I dreamt I recieved a Go Kart and took it for a drive. It turned out to have a Mario Kart Tour quirk of when it runs into an object instead of crashing it leaps into the air over the object. I found out by accidentally running over a rock and bouncing high off the ground, then tested my theory by driving into a building, and like the rock I was sent straight up into the air and over the building. I did it again but this time instead of landing back on the road I was flung into a volcano, driving out of the volcano via a tunnel at the summit, led me to a snowy mountain. I parked my Go Kart and looked back, and realized I was lost. I took a walk on the snow mountain and encountered a bear, I fled and found a cabin to hide in. The bear sniffed around outside, the door had no lock, so I climbed up on the ceiling beams to hide. The bear opened the door, and to my surprise, spoke.
He said "I know you're here, I can smell you".
I replied "Bears have good noses don't they.. I'm sorry, I hadn't realized you are also a person."
The bear looked at me with a disgruntled face.
I followed up "That was rude of me, I'm sorry".
The bear now looking at me said "This is my cabin you know, what are you doing here?"
I climbed down, "I'm lost, do you know the way back to town?"
Bear, "Sure, I'll start my car."
There was Wario's purple car, in the middle of the cabin. How did I not notice that before??
"I have my own, I can follow you" I said as I got back into my Go Kart and followed the Bear driving his Purple Wario Car down the snowy mountain back to town.
I dreamed that Nintendo re-released Diddy Kong Racing on the Wii U VC, but due to licensing issues they had to replace Banjo and Conker with characters they own. One was Donkey Kong, which was all fine and dandy, but the other was a reskin of Diddy Kong that resembled his injured appearance on the DKC Game Over screen. I was so pissed it wasn't Funky Kong that for the remainder of the dream all I did was bitch about it to my grandma.
But also got a dream where someone tried showing me some advertisement of Waluigi vs Luigi or something. Saw an animation on YouTube of Waluigi complaining and whatnot I thought I saw earlier but didn't pay much mind to it. Also wondered if the voices were even voiced acted by Charles Martinet. Turned out it was a trailer for a fan marketing scheme for a toy series of Waluigi vs Luigi sci fi fighting series of legos. Luigi got all this fancy stuff like mechs and he was basically a co-starring character. I was wondering where Mario was, if he was available. I eventually saw him in some armor not plumber attire but it was a standard Lego minifigure compared to Luigi's body mech suit. Mario was on Waluigi's side which even I in this dream thought made little sense, and Wario was on Luigi's side. Got me excited about it. I don't know how I got a set but I was digging for Mario there and then I struggled finding him, but I did. I was then disappointed Mario's headpiece was just standard Lego head while Luigi got his own head as well as Waluigi. I think I was told now I felt what it's like to be shafted as Luigi fan. I then really wanted to wake up from this dream to see if that trailer exists so I can look for this toy series but I think I got another dream

Mario in SM64 was traversing through Tall Tall Mountain, but not quite that as there's wind in places that don't really make sense. I recall there was supposed to be Pauline who gives you hats if you're missing them, but Mario wears briefly just to rudely discard them if you already have them, particularly if you take a hat twice in a row (which Mario did that animation by accident since I think high winds were interfering with his movement), prompting Pauline to say how terrible he looks. I do think there was an accompanying Mario to remark to not be so rude to her. He's more snarky it seems? Pauline also just comments on how gross Mario's face is.

This was in the span before my waking moments so... Wtf
Just last night i had a dream where they announced Super Mario Maker 3, but I was barely paying attention because I was at some surreal theme park while a Nintendo Direct was airing. When I saw SMM3 was being announced the features of the game started being revealed IRL around me, making this theme park even more surreal as now it was like a SMM level, with enemies and items all around. But still had attractions like roller coasters, which bled into my perception of the game. By the end of it, I felt like the game was more of a real life Mario Maker attraction than a video game. My memory of the actual new features in the game are already fuzzy, but one I think was those flip panels from Galaxy 2 and 3D World that flip when you jump. Otherwise my most vivid memory was colorful metal bars like on a playground railing. IDK why I remember that so much but I did. I felt like I was running through an IRL hot garbage Mario Maker level with those bars guiding me, the floor was also like a playground. There was either lava or emptiness below me, either way i didn't want to fall.
Last night I dreamed that some church was doing a Christmas pageant themed after Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door. I only saw the flyer but was morbidly curious.
Had a dream about what I think is supposed to be Battle League but it's more like a track race. Chain Chomp and Diddy were useable as well as Bowser Jr? Well, I played as those but when it came to Mario I was up against a team of DK, Waluigi, and Wario. I shot faaar ahead as Mario with rolls, long jumps, and ice skater twirls but when I reached Wario on the next lap I proceeded to beat the crap out of him, went to his other teammates to kick the crap out of them and let my other teammates lap them too but I the continued to kick the crap out of Wario.

After I was done so I just caught up to the rest of my team and came in first. The statistics in the end shown a tooon of hits being landed like 9999 hits and I basically told people I get hyper aggressive playing as Mario and only Mario.
I had a dream where I was playing a Mario Party game with GCN era graphics and animation, with my usual crew of Yoshi, Daisy, and Toad, but for some reason I also had Baby Daisy as the fourth character.
Metal Mario was sinking to the bottom of a bottomless ocean with his theme song playing.

That dream felt like it continued for hours. Nothing changed. It was weird.
This isn't necessarily a Mario-related dream, but a Nintendo-related one. The other day, I had a dream that I was watching some sort of Nintendo press conference, and the Nintendo Switch 2 and Nintendo Switch 3 were revealed at the same time. I don't remember any other details other than the fact that I was completely surprised by the reveal.
I had a dream the other day that Mario's Time Machine, Mario is Missing, and Mario's Early Years were released on Nintendo Switch Online. I'm not going to lie, I would've been pretty interested to play these infamous games.
I will buy Nintendo Switch Online if they put the Mario's Early Years series of games.
I had a dream that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe brought back the mission mode from Mario Kart DS. It was surprisingly fun from what I remember, even if it had that typical level of chaos that's in every dream.
Not nessecarily Mario but I dreamt I was a new character in Smash 4 and I was struggling to get in the car because it was full. The whole thing was being sandwiched between Duck Hunt and Shulk and a bumpy ride.

6/10. Uncomfortable but I got to talk to Shulk about his nifty sword.