Mario series related Dreams you had

When the Switch was still only known as the Nintendo NX, I dreamed that they finally revealed is as the "Nintendo TV Miii" (yes, with three "i"s), and I felt really disappointed because it was just a covert continuation of the Wii brand.
I've had so many dreams where Mario characters have appeared, but I can't think of any dreams that were specifically about the Mario series. Usually, it's just something stupid like seeing Luigi across the room at a party or something.
Mannnn, it's been so long since I've had a mario dream. I want to attempt luciding one tonight.
i remember having to dress up as bowser to ruin a birthday party in a dream i once had.

boy it was fun. sucks that i had to wake up
I was at Bianco Hills and I hatched a Yoshi, he was a baby. I carried him and tried to get him to eat butterflies, he wouldn't. He wouldn't eat the small birds either. I saw a Goomba up ahead and he ate that.
"Oh, Ok! He only eats enemies, cool."
But then I heard a dog barking???
I followed the voice, and it was on an unreachable hill on the outerlimits beyond the invisible wall.
Not only was there a dog but 100's of earth animals. Squirrels, birds, racoons, skunks, etc. And a pack of dogs.
The dogs were barking at me and baby yoshi. I felt safe though because of the invisible wall.
HOWEVER, the dogs walked through the invisible wall!! As they approached us, baby yoshi hopped out of my arms and scurried away, dogs chasing after him.
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I was playing Mario Galaxy and there was a level where you had to defeat all the enemies on a few lava-based planets. You were given a number of coins and star bits at the beginning of the level, which decreased constantly as the level went, and you had to maintain their counters above 0 or you'd die.

What stuck out to me was the music that played, which was the boss theme from McDonald's Treasureland Adventure:

me on discord said:
i had a dream that some new mario kart had a crazy trailer featuring luigi doing crazy tricks, flying over half the big ol city (theres just no tracks for some reason???) while the trailer had crazy colors and crazy camera angles. then someone on tumblr joked abt it tjat luigi was eating time(one adding eating christian time???????), apparently a reference to some older weird meme in the dreamverse???
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i swear paper mario the origami king keeps finding a way to enter my dreams in one way or another, and im tired of that
I dreamed the wiki staff suddenly allowed pornographic fan works on the site and the SuperMarioFact Twitter was debating with several other Twitter users if it's family friendly to make fun of us for that.
We'd instantly lose our viewership if we did that, and I'd be out of the site immediately.
I had a mario related dream last night.
It was a Mario Party Board featuring King Boo & E. Gadd. The players have to not get caught by King Boo who rolls a die after everyone else. The players can pass E. Gadd who will give you a random Pultergust model, some can attack King Boo and others can defend yourself from him. You can also win Pultergusts from minigames. There was also a gimmick that if you're facing King Boo, he will get shy and hide and you can pass through him.
It wasn't a lucid dream. I saw King Boo eat Daisy and Yoshi when he caught them, I was afraid he was going to eat me next.
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I often dream about a new... New Soup Game. However, the context is always kinda weird. For instance, I once dreamt this I had to steal this New Soup game from like a small store located into a small village (which happens to be a real village south to Rome) which in my dream was ruled by some... powerful dictator. I guess the world itself is afraid of a new 2D Mario game.
Mario (which was me in that dream) took a bath in a sand pool, but then luigi saw him and became jealous, so he then gained some superpowers to launch mario in minecraft, so luigi took his place, in minecraft, mario met a green who had a shotgun, and it just ended right there. Idk what my dreams are anymore
This isn't strictly Mario-related, but I had a dream that while I was played the Switch with my Joy-Con, I noticed that they started bending and crumbling (sort of like clay), and eventually, they snapped in half. In the dream, I was quite horrified, since I was already agitated by Joy-Con drift, and I didn't want to deal with this.
Last night I dreant nintendo announced a bunch of games (one of them was a new Luigi's Mansion) and one of them was a racing game called "warioware cup". The cover was wario drifting in his cadillac, fist-pumping.

(Believe it or not but that's an upgrade over my usual dreams)
I still get dreams every so often of a new Paper Mario that's closer to the first three than any real entry in the past decade. It always sucks to wake up and re-acquaint myself with the bleak reality.

Hey man, I totally relate. I STILL get dreams about Baby Luigi being playable in games. I wake up thinking I must document his playable role in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour before realizing no, it was a hallucination.

Also, I get frequent dreams about me getting Baby Luigi merch. In fact, in my dreams, I said to myself, I will lose those items anyway, because none of this is real and it's all just a dream. It fucking sucks whenever that happens.
I STILL get dreams about Baby Luigi being playable in games.
Didn't you make some of that a reality?

I dreamt Stu Pickles joined me in playing Mario Kart but he found it wasn't intense enough so he modded in guns to spice things up.
I dreamt Stu Pickles joined me in playing Mario Kart but he found it wasn't intense enough so he modded in guns to spice things up.

Stu what are you doing?

Modding Mario Kart

It's 4'o clock in the morning, why on earth are you modding Mario Kart?

Because I've lost control of my life.
Stu's abit different in the reboot.

I dreamt I was playing Super Mario Sunshine and unlocked the ability to drive a kart everywhere. I drifted donuts around gooper blooper, and drove up walls hopping roof to roof at isle delfino