Mario series related Dreams you had

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When the Switch was still only known as the Nintendo NX, I dreamed that they finally revealed is as the "Nintendo TV Miii" (yes, with three "i"s), and I felt really disappointed because it was just a covert continuation of the Wii brand.

Bowser II

Just like the first one, except better.
I've had so many dreams where Mario characters have appeared, but I can't think of any dreams that were specifically about the Mario series. Usually, it's just something stupid like seeing Luigi across the room at a party or something.

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I was at Bianco Hills and I hatched a Yoshi, he was a baby. I carried him and tried to get him to eat butterflies, he wouldn't. He wouldn't eat the small birds either. I saw a Goomba up ahead and he ate that.
"Oh, Ok! He only eats enemies, cool."
But then I heard a dog barking???
I followed the voice, and it was on an unreachable hill on the outerlimits beyond the invisible wall.
Not only was there a dog but 100's of earth animals. Squirrels, birds, racoons, skunks, etc. And a pack of dogs.
The dogs were barking at me and baby yoshi. I felt safe though because of the invisible wall.
HOWEVER, the dogs walked through the invisible wall!! As they approached us, baby yoshi hopped out of my arms and scurried away, dogs chasing after him.
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I was playing Mario Galaxy and there was a level where you had to defeat all the enemies on a few lava-based planets. You were given a number of coins and star bits at the beginning of the level, which decreased constantly as the level went, and you had to maintain their counters above 0 or you'd die.

What stuck out to me was the music that played, which was the boss theme from McDonald's Treasureland Adventure:



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me on discord said:
i had a dream that some new mario kart had a crazy trailer featuring luigi doing crazy tricks, flying over half the big ol city (theres just no tracks for some reason???) while the trailer had crazy colors and crazy camera angles. then someone on tumblr joked abt it tjat luigi was eating time(one adding eating christian time???????), apparently a reference to some older weird meme in the dreamverse???
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I had a dream where I was locked in a car with a Chain Chomp outside, it then ate me, then I woke up.