Mario series related Dreams you had

I was once having a nice dream where I was falling in a bottomless pit.
Then a toad showed up, then another, and another, and more, and even more.
They formed a bottom in the pit, and I woke up when I hit the toad floor.

Terrified me.
I dm'd my sister this right on my waking moments
Got a dream where we're destroying Wario in Mario Kart Wii. Was Mario, you were Baby Luigi. We kept using Bullet Bill to hit Wario who was trying to rubber band since he was getting lapped. Wario was shown as just his ass but normal sized even on map ui. Think we were on dk jungle parkway. I remember following him on the ramp. We knocked off Wario into the river when he landed after the ramp which made him go RAWR. Also accidentally hit you which annoyed you. I think we knocked Wario far up a cliff which messed up his AI and caused him to drive and fly and clip across the course. He then landed on the water, which the area resembled Peach Beach but it's not Peach Beach, just another part of the course, maybe a sunken pirate ship there? Anyway he went RAWR. There was probably a separate screen for him which was why we knew this idk. But at the end of the dream he couldn't respawn properly so he kept going rawr. Rawr. Rawr. Rawr. Rawr. And his screen was stuck black like when characters are in the middle of teleporting? Woke up.
I often dream about playing/being in Super Mario Sunshine, but the levels are always fake. But in the dreams they're very real levels that I have fun playing.
i had a weird dream the other night in which it was revealed that, for the mario movie, donkey and cranky kong were redesigned to be talking wooden chairs, both of them having a lopsided face that resembled the gingerbread man's face from shrek, and they resided in a haunted house.

everyone on the internet cheered on the redesign while i was sitting there confused.
that's a great redesign and nintendo should have made it
I remember when I was 12 I had a dream in which, for whatever reason, it was commonly accepted that Eustace Bagge's hat was clearly based on Mario's. In said dream Mario got fucking pissed because Eustace essentially stole part of his trademark look, so he paid the farmer a visit to kill him. Courage then obviously had to do everything he could to save his owner. Don't remember anything else, it was so long ago.
Dreamnt Ashley and Red were playable in a new paper mario games.

The only part I remember is that you'd fight uhhh the green buzzy beetle martial artist from the first Paper Mario twice and he'd get butthurt and move to some icy location where you'd fight him again. Ashley could buff herself like that one star in TTYD and whack things with her wand. Red was a separate character and could set things on fire.
I had a dream where I was in the basement of the castle and saw monster versions of king bob omb the whomp king the giant Wiggler and other bosses in the game I ran into a room that isn't usually there and it made me feel weird all I can remember seeing was white light with some black dots and I was really dizzy I walked out the room unsure of what it was and saw a shy guy npc that acts like the normal toad npc it made weird noises and then that's where the dream ended.
Last night, I had a dream where I saw Funky Kong sink into a bunch of quicksand, so I rushed over and reached my arm into the quicksand to try and rescue Funky Kong, but he had sunk too deep for my hand to reach him, so Funky Kong just kinda died in my dream.
Many years ago, I had one dream that I believe was visually based on Puffprod Peaks from Super Mario 3D World. It was of a first-person puzzle game set in various dark "rooms" in a slot canyon, I suppose, with the same general color palette and soft mattress-like terrain. The main mechanic of the game was that when you immersed a substance in water, it would turn into a carriable block with its chemical symbol printed on the faces. Presumably you could climb on the blocks to reach new places, but I have no idea what different chemical elements would do differently from each other.

After dream-logicking through a few puzzles, there was a massive tonal shift and I ended up on a sunny boardwalk with a cup of lemonade. I tried dipping the lemonade in a nearby wooden drinking trough, and it turned into a block labeled with the full name of the lemonade brand and flavor, complete with several trademark symbols, in relatively small text. I think I found this ridiculous and woke up shortly thereafter.

If this isn't relevant enough to the Mario franchise, I apologize and will try to keep my dreams more canon-compliant in the future.
Oh yeah, I just remembered another!

Back when I was heated over the Paper Mario: Color Splash situation, I dreamt that I was checking YouTube and saw that GameXplain had uploaded a trailer for a new Paper Mario game. This probably drew from my experience watching the Color Splash reveal trailer for the first time, although I'm pretty sure it had been a while since that.

The game was set on a lost triangular island inspired by the Bermuda Triangle. The island was very small and flat in elevation, and only took up one area about the size of Bob-omb Battlefield's footprint—hardly enough space to support a full adventure, now that I think about it. There was a bit of fog around the edges; not enough to block out the ocean view. I must have had some synaesthetic wires crossed in the dream, because something about the vibes of the island also reminded me of the flavor of Greek yogurt, but I couldn't tell you how.

Seemingly the character restrictions were no better, and they were trying to work around it by replacing the Toads with Miis transplanted into the series artstyle. I think it was just Mario and them.

I didn't remember this at all at first, but according to an older log of this dream, Mario nominally had partners in this game. They must have also been Paper Miis (that sounds a bit familiar now). However, the trailer footage allegedly brushed past their abilities as well as the battle gameplay.

I guess that part ended up predicting the strategy taken with The Origami King's reveal! As for the rest? Yep, that's definitely going to be precisely what Paper Mario 7 is like. The game is going to make your television screen smell like yogurt for no reason. You heard it here first.
Had a dream where I was watching a new Nintendo Direct and they revealed a new Mario & Luigi game, but I kept getting interrupted irl with stuff so I wasn't able to focus on the trailer. Like first my phone was blowing up with emails so I had to check them, then my mom needed help with something, then some other stuff I don't remember happened. Eventually when I was able to actually watch the trailer, I realized that it was literally Paper Jam 2... like it was a new game with new environments, but it had Paper Mario as a party member. Also the game's art style looked like Yoku's Island Express.
I had a dream where there was this Mario cooking game, I think it was on the DS or something. I remember it being very fun for a cooking game
This was a dream from around September/October 2020, but I kinda remember it:

I was in an auditorium (I think it was the same auditorium as my high school?) with a large crowd. There were three sections of seats: left, middle and right, and I was at the left section. I noticed that Bowser Jr. and Spawny were in the crowd as well. I wanted to say hi to them, but I could not. On the stage was a man who was just talking. I don't remember what he was talking about, but after he was done, he brought his son to the stage. The crowd then applauded the guy's son because he caught a Mewtwo in Pokémon Go. I think Mewtwo then showed up on the stage too, and I woke up. What a great dream!
I once dreamed about being on Daisy Cruiser. It began to sink but my sister woke me up. I had so much fun while it lasted but I got rudely interrupted so I don't know what would have happened.