Mario series related Dreams you had

Fleur de lis

I was once having a nice dream where I was falling in a bottomless pit.
Then a toad showed up, then another, and another, and more, and even more.
They formed a bottom in the pit, and I woke up when I hit the toad floor.

Terrified me.

I Argue About Politics

*wakes you up at 4 am to discuss the healthcare*
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Bazooka Mario
I dm'd my sister this right on my waking moments
Got a dream where we're destroying Wario in Mario Kart Wii. Was Mario, you were Baby Luigi. We kept using Bullet Bill to hit Wario who was trying to rubber band since he was getting lapped. Wario was shown as just his ass but normal sized even on map ui. Think we were on dk jungle parkway. I remember following him on the ramp. We knocked off Wario into the river when he landed after the ramp which made him go RAWR. Also accidentally hit you which annoyed you. I think we knocked Wario far up a cliff which messed up his AI and caused him to drive and fly and clip across the course. He then landed on the water, which the area resembled Peach Beach but it's not Peach Beach, just another part of the course, maybe a sunken pirate ship there? Anyway he went RAWR. There was probably a separate screen for him which was why we knew this idk. But at the end of the dream he couldn't respawn properly so he kept going rawr. Rawr. Rawr. Rawr. Rawr. And his screen was stuck black like when characters are in the middle of teleporting? Woke up.


Always remembering Walkazo
I often dream about playing/being in Super Mario Sunshine, but the levels are always fake. But in the dreams they're very real levels that I have fun playing.