Mario series related Dreams you had

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NaviLuma said:
I once dreamed that Mario had reached Bowser's Castle to save Peach, but this time he had to sneak around the enemies instead of defeating them. He climbed on the outside of one of the castle's towers. Unfortunatly he got spotted by some guards and fell all the way down again. Then Sonic popped up in his Super Sonic form and said: "Now I'll show you."
This is getting exciting! Continue!


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Sorry, the dream ended there, though I had 4 other dreams that morning, but they weren't about Mario. But I am beginning to dream about other Mario dreams mixed with other franchises.


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i dreamed nsmb wii came on pc and it was like, mostly the same, but the credits and main menu were a flyby of this gritty cyberpunk city for some reason
also i did a google search because the port introduced a new gameplay mechanic where you needed to stop social unrest by preventing events like ethnic cleansing and "false feminism"

my dreams fucking sucks

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Some dreams I had related to Mario, that I can currently remember:

-Paper Mario was revealed for Smash with Mr. L as an echo fighter. When I woke up I was still hyped until I got to the alarm clock to turn it off, whereafter my face fell as I realized it was just a dream.

-Mario & Luigi: Dream Team came to Switch as a fully cinematic 3D game that looked like an HD version of the giant battles. Was made as a proof of concept for the way M&L will look on the Switch going forward. The dream ended right before I got to play the game (a common thing that seems to happen when a game concept I really like is announced in a dream)

-3 Paper Mario remakes came to the Switch: all in the Color Splash art style. Super Paper Mario looked particularly weird in that style. Again the dream ended right before I got my hands on them.

-Waaay back in 2013 I dreamed I was at an event which included a demo of Mario Kart 8, and saw a poster with character mugshots and Antasma was among them. Then I realized every character in that poster was playable in the demo, but the dream ended before I got to the front of the line.

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I remember something Baby Luigi-related posted on Mar10 day and when I woke up and wasn't I was extremely disappointed.

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About 13-14 years ago, I had a dream that I went to Wal-Mart to look for Mario Party 5, because I wanted that game so badly. I found Mario Party 4 instead of 5, but I still bought the game because I didn't have Mario Party 4 either.

Later my dream came true, because one day I went to Gamestop to look for Mario Party 5. Instead I found Mario Party 4, and I bought the game since I didn't have it (or rather, my dad bought it for me since I was only 9 at that time).


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I don't recall how long ago this was, but I had a dream of Nintendo announcing a new line of Amiibo featuring MaRPG characters like Fawful, Geno, Mallow, Rawk Hawk, Stuffwell, Starlow, Dreambert and several others.


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I got a dream where SPM was getting a sequel.

Then I woke up and felt quite relieved.


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as long as i can remember i've had dreams that take place in mario 64 except the layout of the levels is always weird
*a second version of princess peach's secret slide existing if you jump into one of the other portraits in the room, where the slide is all blue instead of orange. for a while when i was a kid in between the time i owned an n64 and the time i got access to other versions of mario 64 i wasn't sure if this was a dream or real life
*the lowest tier of whomp's fortress wrapping all the way around like it does in sm64ds, except before that was ever announced
*the castle basement is a sprawling non-euclidean maze that contains a weird shadow version of the rest of the castle(for people who play on the minecraft server, think shadow pizza from 2018 hub)
*castle moat extends into weird canyons shaped kind of like yoshi valley from mario kart 64, and also physically connect to a swimming pool which was in real life and not mario 64, and i think there were dragons
if i forgot any please astral project into my dreams and let me know


I had a dream that Super Mario Run already had a major update to version 3.0.14 (Nintendo actually announced this version prior to this dream).
It has a different title screen, which is the same as version 3.0.4, but without the "Play Remix 10" button shortcut. I quickly went to the Play Store to see what was added. They added Rosalina as a playable character, and her ability was attacking enemies with her wand.
The dream ended before I had a chance to play as her. I was disappointed on the inside.

I think Pwwnd123 would had a similar dream.


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I thought I posted in this thread but apparently I didn't, I had a dream once where someone (I think Moustafa?) told me to go east of Dry Dry Desert for some reason.

There was also this other dream where I was playing a bootleg NES game based on Avatar, which had me killing Toads near a river for whatever reason.


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a few days back i dreamt up some "super mario gravity" game and im pretty sure it was pretty much galaxy 3
i dont remember the gameplay or anything i only remember the weird camera angle, which was right behind mario instead of slightly above or something
at least for the only scene of it i remember. it could be a switchable camera like in mario 64 for all i know

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I remember a dream I had where me and my cousins were in these underground pools, and there were Goombas on rafts that we kept stomping, but more and more kept appearing, so I found an elevator and got my hide outta there.

a referee

I wonder the motives of Mario in that dream were


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I had this weird dream last night that I was playing Mario Party 8, but I was playing as Toadsworth on DK's Treetop Temple in a tag battle with DK as my ally against Wario and Daisy. During DK's turn, he landed on a DK Space for another DK to appear and toss him over to the star space and buying it, then the minigame began. The minigame itself was a mix-match between several Mario Party minigames. It had the background and arena of Take Me Ohm from Mario Party 7, the game itself played like Soak or Croak from Super Mario Party, with the exact same design on the water guns and it had this music track playing from Mario Party 3.



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This was more of a hallucination rather than a dream, I was coming out of surgery for my back and when I woke up, I was still drowsy and imagined my family and the doctors and nurses as the Mario cast lol

I was saying so much weird stuff to them


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Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when I was a young'n, when I first got Super Mario 64, I had trouble figuring out how to get the Behind Chain Chomp's Gate star. After I gave up figuring it out, I started thinking of ways to get to the star, and fell asleep doing it I guess. Not knowing what a Ground Pound was, I dreamed about being able to clip into the gate in some fashion, long before I even knew what clipping even was. Somehow I made it in, but boulders started showing up and I had to make Mario jump over them in the tight space. Of course, that wasn't how the game actually goes, but I learned how to do a Ground Pound and deal with Chomp soon after.

Later I dreamed Mario was jumping between two stone pillars in the middle of a large pool of lava, both with a star over them. I don't remember what happened in that one.

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Ok, so this is the single most realistic dream I have ever had period. It drives me insane knowing it was a dream, because of how real it felt. It was about me, and my sister (the same one I mentioned in some of my previous posts) playing Super Mario 64. I asked her if she could look up any secrets to unlock Luigi (at the time I had this dream I hadn't completed Super Mario 64 yet) and she found a post on a website. It said that if you slide down the handrail right outside the 0 star door to Bomb Om Battlefeild "perfectly" (you don't bounce while sliding. Just a straight slide downwards) a star will pop out and a small black square shaped hole. (Similar to the two seen in the Jolly Roger Bay room) We did it and it worked. My sister looked at the next step of the guide and the next step showed a picture of a small chain-chomp in the newly created black square hole showed up, and my sister said "Yeah, we don't want to do this." and since I was afraid of the chain-chomp in that game I had no objections.
I remember rebooting the console in the dream and being unable to do it again, because the trick only worked the first time you did it.
I was so convinced this dream was real I tried doing that trick again a couple of years after I had the dream. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't replicate the trick. :lakitu:
Trying to slide down the handrail while bumping a few times is hard enough, but doing it flawlessly and smoothly is neigh-impossible, and I think it might be impossible in the game's engine. But if anyone can record it and get some video proof of them perfectly sliding down and put my mind to rest, feel free to. This has been bugging me for over eleven years at this point.

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There was a dream with lots of penguins, and a school in the middle of the antarctic run by a creepy old man who was kind of like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, who was killing people and penguins and i had to save some children from him, culminating in me getting in an elevator and panicking about the door closing slowly as he was fast approaching with a gun

then I was suddenly at the white house except it was balanced on a mile-high stack of chairs, which i had to climb down whilst being shouted at by an overweight man who may have been a caricature of Trump

i'm sure if you read into it enough you can twist something into being related to Mario, let's just say it was the SM64 penguins. i just wanted an excuse to describe this dream as it's one of the weirder ones that i actually remember anything from

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I said this before but I once dreamt of playing SMG1 like this. I don't have a good enough PC unfortunately.


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Dreamed I found some ancient Sega webpage and the interviewee said Electronic Arts was making an open-world vehicular Waluigi game for the PS2 in 2001.

Make of that as you will.