The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

Princess Mario

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Guess my activity is going back up again. Still don't think I feel quite the same as before.

Classic Sonic

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Welcome back.

Okay, about me now. My family and I are moving neighborhoods into a bigger house. It's not a very far move, but still a move. I'll still try to be active here, but I can't guarantee anything. Also, sometime in November, we'll be going on vacation, so don't expect me to post.

Edit: The vacation is from Nov. 7 to Nov. 12
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Classic Sonic

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@Yoshi the SSM I'm leaving you Mr. M & Mr. L for your plot arc. I should tell you that the only “powers” Mr. L has is the same as Luigi’s. (Summoning dream portals and all that. The same goes for Mr. M having his powers reduced to match Mario’s.)
@Pinkie Pie I'm leaving you Tails.
@Bowsette Luigi I'm leaving you all the rest of my characters.

However, as soon as I get back, I get them back, comprendo? Now, I'm going on vacay. Make sure nothing too crazy happens.
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My original flight out tomorrow got canceled because the airport is closed due to an impending snowstorm, so I'm rushing to catch one that leaves tonight. I will be gone for a week but I will have my laptop with me and will be on regularly enough, just perhaps at different intervals and a lesser capacity than I usually am.

Sheldon Cooper

After a break I never expected, I am back.


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So, I’ve been thinking, I think I am going to leave for 10 years! It is important at this point in my life that I think it’s best I leave, see you 10 years from now
P.S. Nobody Leave!

Sheldon Cooper

Leaving for a decade? WOW! I hope you have a great time. I hope to see you in a decade.

King Dedede

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Sorry I left without telling y'all. We were over at Orlando to celebrate New Years' for the last nine days. The hotel we stayed at didn't have Wi-Fi, so I could only log on here on our visits to the three Universal theme parks. (Speaking of which, I waited three hours in line for the new Hagrid ride over there and it was so worth it, highly recommend)

Anyway, I'm back now. is school. :(