The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread


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Tomorrow morning, me and my family are going to London, Ontario for my aunt's wedding. Though the wedding is on Saturday, we do have to drive there through the US tomorrow, as well as do some shopping on Friday.

As such, I won't be very active here during the trip. I'll miss you all very much, especially @Dr. Luigi D. Broski.

Expect me to be back on the night of September 1st!

Sincerely, Toadettefan.


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I have until September 27 to finish an entire semester's worth of economics so my activity in the general areas of the boards will be lessened but I'll still be hanging around the Poll Committee when I can.

Oh yeah, and mental health issues are still a problem with me and those have been especially taxing on me so that's another thing keeping me not here as much.
Update: On top of everything else going on, I also got food poisoning and I feel pretty bad so I'm probably just going to drop off this website for a while. I'll still be hanging around Discord though. See you guys when my stomach doesn't feel like trash.


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Hurricane Dorian is likely coming straight at me at a forecasted Category 4, potentially 5 if it doesn't swing as hard north as they're saying. I work 6am-4pm tomorrow and by the time I'm done with my shift the storm should be starting to hit. I have off the following two days when it's supposed to hit the hardest. Already getting some squalls, sending bouts of sudden rain and wind despite it being sunny. I'm not evacuating, but I have plenty of food, water, and supplies. I'm expecting power loss to happen at some point for an indeterminate amount of time, so if I vanish this is why. A few of you have my phone number so if any terrible emergency happens I will remain in contact that way.


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Uhhh I was gone for a few years. had thyroid cancer my junior year of college (don’t worry I’m good now), Graduated from school for game design, got a job working QA on kingdom hearts 3, now I work at Naughty Dog on the last of us part II? yeah. can’t believe I first joined this place twelve years ago. it’s weird coming back but I really love the new look of the forum!! Hhh missed this place


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Twelve years, huh? That's a pretty long time! I've only been here since September of 2017, so I haven't seen you much at all. But I hope we can give you a warm welcome, regardless!