The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

Doctor Healmore

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Hey, good luck with that, A51!

On a related note, I will be taking a family vacation to Niagara Falls in Canada this coming week, leaving today and returning next Wednesday. I don't know if I'll have Wi-Fi there or not, but in any case I won't be active here very much. So, see ya!


GUESS WHO'S BACK!!!...........again!

Surprisingly, unlike last year, I enjoyed summer camp this year, and I don't regret going there.

Feels good to be back! btw see ya A51 and YFJ!

Doctor Healmore

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For family reasons we had to cut our trip short a couple days, so I'm back now. It was well worth the time we spent, though. Seeing those falls was just amazing, and we even got to ride a boat to see them up close, and we got to actually stand under the falls with ponchos. We also got to do this epic rope adventure course on the Canada side of things.

So, anyways, glad I went but glad to be back.

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I will be off and out in the world from today through Saturday afternoon, so I'm not going to be around here as often this week. I won't say that I'll get nothing done this week, as I seem to end up doing some sort of work or having more time than I expect when I say such things.

That said, for the reference of anyone who may need me, this is the one week where I can't guarantee prompt or in-depth responses. I'll still be checking in here and I'll be around on Discord some, though.

And, of course, it's back to work as soon as I return! I have more than a few projects lined up, after all. I shall see you all more in a week!