The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread


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Sorry fellow wiki members, I will be gone for a while. Due to a slight misfortune, I won't be able to use the internet anymore. But I will return and with more articles and more info. I have a few encouraging words to my fellow active wiki members.

Wayoshi- Thanks for guiding my way up

Paper Jorge- Try to write as many articles as you can

Son of Suns (SoS)- Keep answering all our questions

HK-47 (HK)- Keep our wiki interesting

Monty Mole- Keep everyone in line

Sir Grodus- Focus on the Donkey Kong Universe

3dejong- Nice Pictures

Kelt- I love your Super Mario Galaxy articles

Yoshi Mastar- You're funny

Superchao- .....GOOD BYE!

New Users- Any questions? Ask another sysop

Old Inactive Users- Please come back!

Porplemontage (Steve)- Keep the site running

If I offended any of you forgive me. I will become temporarily inactive following 11/5/06. I will return in about a month or two, but if I'm lucky, I can go to a public resource and log in occasionally.

That is all I have to say.
That's nice. Thanks for all your help! I look forward to your (hopefully) dramatic return!
*salutes* It's been a pleasure, Sergeant Spike. We look forward to your return.
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: You won't be here for christmas will you?
I hope so. Ill return with so many articles, that you guys can't handle them!
I'm going to explain a situation that repeats itself time and time again...all the time. It's very simple:

I have divorced parents. The only I live with most has a big 1280 X 1024 broadband-connected computer. The other has a laptop which he uses often w/ wi-fi connection, which I go to every other weekend. Thus, I have no internet every other weekend. We trade off holidays and vacations except for Xmas, which I am w/o a comp in the morn and w/ in the afternoon. I am hopeful to get a laptop of my own very soon, so I will be online, but limited.

Upcoming Absences:
  • Today-Nov 5
  • Nov 15-Nov 19 - extended for special reasons.
  • Thanksgiving - Nov 22-24 - back the Friday afterwards.
  • Dec 7-Dec 9

I'll have an update sometime. Otherwise, I'm here almost all the time. :)
Everybody, before I go, (tomorrow) you guys can give me articles to work on, so I can greatly expand them. (See Jump or Hammer) Thank you.
I am leaving the f0rum but FOREVER because I've found the Nintendo Nsider Forums...

Maybe I'll come here every once in a while thought...
Just remember, don't beleive everything you hear there and watch out for assholes. Now with Jorge gone I have the highest post count! :twisted:
Sir Grodus said:
Just remember, don't beleive everything you hear there and watch out for assholes. Now with Jorge gone I have the highest post count! :twisted:

Well remember I'm not inactive I'll come here every once in a while so...I still win.
I'm posting my goodbye on the forum, for all the forum-only guys, or prople who are mostly ON the forum. Like me. :roll:

OK, guys, my leaving is now decided. Due to a lot of personal issues, I am leaving, as of February 22 (today). I'll give all you guys personal goodbyes, so as to not clog the main page talk with sentimentality. Hopefully, I'll be back sometime next week to enter my 'Shroom page, but I'm not entered it by March 2nd, you can be sure I'm GONE.

Hopefully, hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to m come back in a month for real in a month or so. But for now, so long. I'll be leaving this evening, so as to catch up and finish some unfinished jobs.

Goodbye! :'(
Knifes gone for real now..... I'm sad....
Plumber said:

Don't worry he'll be back, though. :wink:

I wish i got to now him better :cry: