Random things about you


Happy Holidays!
What are your random facts and things?

  • My real name is Alex.
  • I live in Florida.
  • I was born two days before Christmas.
  • I have Aspergers Syndrome.
  • I sleep with stuffed animals.
  • I collect LEGO, Cars diecasts, and other things.
  • I’m a sophomore.
  • I’m 16 years old.
  • I love watching cartoons, particularly The Simpsons, SpongeBob, Looney Tunes, and Tom and Jerry
  • My favorite live action movie is the John Wick trilogy.
  • My favorite animated movie is Cars. (Ka-chow!)
  • My first Mario game was New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

zelen !!

actual spore creature
• did you know i like donkey kong haha who could have guessed
• i have, however, been thinking a lot about mario sunshines world and npcs especially . i suddenly like piantas a lot now. on one hand this is awesome , on the other hand this really had to be related to a game i dont even find particularly enjoyable to play

nov 2022 edit: you ever see an old post of yours that happens to reflect your past interests but just not the current ones
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Snowfall Frost

Say Goodbye to the Holiday!
  • My room is a mess
  • I moved house once when I was 9 and that's it
  • I changed school once when I was 9 (within weeks of the school change) and that's it
  • I used to be a fan of real LEGO, these days it's just the video games (and films I guess)
  • I'm finding that a lot of the things I look back on make me feel old, but a lot of things that happened recently feel like they were a long time ago. It confuses me a lot but what I know is that there are some things in life that give me massive levels of nostalgia (though I do think that past a certain point the nostalgia effect runs out if I indulge it too much at once) and that contributes to a lot of things in life I like, some episodes of TTG, some video games like SPM, Minecraft Xbox 360, and Bowser's Inside Story.
  • I usually play my 3DS in bed as of the pandemic
  • I dislike school but I tolerate it for the long term worth
  • I am overall somewhat satisfied with my present quality of life


yo that's a sick chair tho
-I have been a Mario fan since the age of 5 or something
-I only own a Wii and a switch like consoles
-I play a lot of ping pong
-I live in Lebanon which is actually really shit right now
-my favorite food is Pizza and my favorite side plate is fries
-I said every above random facts

Koopa con Carne

just a dang ol' boo
Koopa con Carne
My first Mario games ever were Mario Forever and a Flash shoot ‘em up where you massacre waves of Super Mario World enemies.

The first licensed Mario games I played were Mario Kart Wii and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
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Penguin Toadette

Waddling into your heart!
My real name is Chloe
I live in Canada
I was diagnosed with Autism at 1 years old
I sleep with plushies
I collect amiibo, Pokemon plushies and figures, LPS, My little Ponies, Neopets, Care Bears, Palace Pets, and lots of other toys
My favorite video game series is Kirby
I'm the youngest in my family
The first Nintendo system I owned was the Wii
My first Mario game was Mario Party 8
My favorite video game character of all time is Toadette, but I also like other characters, most of them being female, have a cute, pretty, or cool appearance, have a nice backstory, are the good guys, or in the case of the Crash aliens, are underappreciated by most fans.

Turnabout Big Top

Everyone’s Favorite Ace Attorney Case
-Right now I have a beard.
-This year when playing Ace Attorney, at one point I was at June 20th on Reunion, and Turnabout on June 20th.
-The first time I beat Turnabout Sisters was at the Grand Canyon, which is close to Phoenix, Arizona too.

Nellie Rose Morningstar

Welcome to Castle Morningstar~! Care for a drink~?
  • My favorite Mario character is Waluigi
  • My favorite colors are black and pink
  • I have a scar under my belly button
  • I'm currently in a long-distance relationship
  • I want a skateboard and a kazoo for Christmas