Random things about you

I permanently long for three pieces of lost media no-one cares about:

.The og language versions of half an obscure CN show

.A Harry Hill song

.a low effort Mario video
  • when i was 12 years old, i snuck onto a rp forum and i was found out to be underage. the administrator made me get my mom to sign a permission slip in order to let me stay on the rp forum.
  • i'm bisexual, and i've known i'm bisexual since my later teens.
  • i'm currently in a poly relationship with 3 others.
  • i've been in the undertale fandom since the year it was released, 2015. i still come back to it every now and again. i was pretty active back in the day and did active testing and debugging in order to see if the wiki was accurate on certain things.
    • irt this: did you know that the "that comedian..." line is falsely attributed to sans? it's actually talking about snowdrake. the common meme of chara calling sans "comedian" is not accurate to the source material. who knew?
  • i've been on these forums for a few years now. i think i was even on them when i was dating my ex, which was well over 3 years ago.