Does Anyone still Play Wii?

Bob Craples

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I was just wondering if I'm the only one who still plays Mario Kart Wii.


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No, my Wii stopped working a long time ago now, and tbh, the Wii is one of my least favorite Nintendo consoles, so I just don't care much about it now, and I don't like Mario Kart Wii, so 🤷‍♂️.


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I still play Wii games, all the time! In fact, just yesterday I revisited Mario Party 8 with my siblings--say what you will about it but I have a ton of nostalgia for it and it's still a pretty darn great party game.

And yeah, while I prefer MK8 to MKWii, my sister prefers the latter and we still revisit it quite a bit as a result. And yeah, nostalgia applies here too. Just today I created a mod of the game that lets me use the Wii U GamePad, and it feels as smooth as ever.

Bob Craples

The Too Cool For School Aardvark
I bought Mario Galaxy at a Gamestop last year, and my god, the nostalgia. Too bad my nunchuck broke before I could beat it.


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Been revisiting MKW for the Time Trial tournament and remembering I really like the game. Need to check out the CTGP mod.

The only other Wii game I frequent is Boom Street (Fortune Street) which my friends and I play over Dolphin Netplay.

I don't have a Wii console any more but I have a Wii U if I feel like revisiting them.


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Alongside the tournament I'm running, I've also been playing Donkey Kong Country Returns for the wiki. There's also a few games on the system I have yet to complete, like Metroid Prime 3 and Kirby's Epic Yarn. I mainly use my Wii U, however, as my brother has the Wii in his room.

Dr. Peach

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I rarely play it as I tend to play GameCube, Wii U, or Switch more. I don't really like Mario Kart Wii all that much. I vastly prefer Double Dash!!. It's my favorite game in the series. It's worth playing Double Dash for the fun.

Sailor Mario

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I'd play Mario Kart Wii if the running mods for them were released instead of just being shown in a video.


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I play Super Paper Mario quite a bit, albeit not often on console anymore as opposed to Dolphin. My Wii itself is... not in good shape so any Wii games I do play on console are usually on the Wii U. But even that's getting rougher in shape so i don't use it as much...

Princess Viola

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I still play my Wii from time to time, mostly for homebrew emulation tho these days since I have it hooked up to a CRT and all and I've long transferred all my actual data to my Wii U.

And I don't really use the Wii U anymore because the Gamepad charger broke and I've never gotten around to getting a new one, so I haven't really played Wii games proper in a good while.

Also no I don't still play Mario Kart Wii because that's the only Mario Kart (besides the arcade games) that I've never even played, let alone owned.

Sailor Mario

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Well to be fair there hasn't been much launch games at the time to remember the Wii much but 2007 IS 13 years ago and that's when Galaxy was out....


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I still play Wii games, but I haven't actually played the Wii console for years now.


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Do i still have the Wii?? Yes
Does the Wii still work?? Yes
Do i still have Wii games?? Yes

Do i still play the Wii?? [sweats as i look at my special-shiny computer programs]