Does Anyone still Play Wii?


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I still play the Wii and Mario Kart Wii sometimes. Homebrew does give the Wii more life to it though. I also tend to use Dolphin more since it's easier to start up and play rather than setting up the Wii to the TV.

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It's been a while since I last booted up my Wii. Project M I believe was the last game I played on it.

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I still play the wii over the wii u,


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During quarantine my sister and I went back to 100% Super Mario Galaxy 2. Apart from that my Wii hasn’t run very hot the last couple of years. I’m considering modding it to freely play GCN games.

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I know Count Cannoli already said this, but I wonder if we're getting Just Dance 2021.


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I occasionally use the Wii, but only for GameCube games at this point.

Speaking of which, I want to replay Thousand-Year Door soon...


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Kirby recently decided to inhale my Wii U so I've been playing a lot of Kirby's Return to Dream Land on there for multiplayer sessions. Star Allies' multiplayer is better designed in general but them 3-year-old Joy-Cons hold up worse than them 11-year-old Wiimotes. (I've also been following the development of a certain romhack for the game and I'm really excited for its release)

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There's a romhack for Kirby's Return to Dream Land? I need to know....


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There's a romhack for Kirby's Return to Dream Land? I need to know....
It's called Kirby: Revenge of Dream Land, and it basically aims to make the game much harder by making enemies stronger and faster, giving brand-new attacks to bosses, and adding additional levels and even changing the ability hats. Here's a trailer:

I believe the current plan is for the main game to be released in its entirety by the end of 2020, with EX mode coming later in an update.

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GOOD. Maybe I should pick up some skin modifications along the way. I don't have to be stuck with pink for instance.


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I most often play MP8, MKW or Brawl if I pick up my Wii, which is every now and then. I've been hoping to play DKC 1-3 again too, but never gotten around to it.