30 day video game music challenge!


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day 19: cover of music by a different artist
smash counts right??? cause i cant think of anything else i dont seek out Fan Remixes
anyway with ssbu. i havent played a castlevania game but some of its tracks in smash are just absolute bangers

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Day 19 - Cover of music by a different artist

All right, I'm going to do this before anyone potentially asks: "cover" means completely new rearrangement with different instruments, not literally like a cover of an album (and "remix" is very misused to mean cover version to the point where even Smash gets it wrong: remix means it has elements of the same song with the same instruments in it with alterations or additions of tracks to the original piece: it's like layering rap lyrics on top of the original Mario underground theme). Even Wikipedia writes the definition of cover "a new performance or recording by someone other than the original artist or composer of a previously recorded song." so saying "cover of music by a different artist" is redundant.

I'll pick this

The original one is already pretty good, but I'm a huge fan of both jazz and funk, and I love the bubbly, cheerful voice in this song; it also comes with an amazing saxophone solo. I should probably mod this music in my Smash Ultimate in Onett over the Melee Pollyana song (it's great too, but I don't like it as much as this fan cover version, and I like addition of the lyrics that the original song has a lot), it would be totally rad. We need more cheerful, happy, more relaxed paced songs like Pollyana in Smash in general, I love having a large variety of music genres in my Smash rather than just faster-paced rock cover versions of songs ad infinitum.

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Day 19: cover by a different artist

obviously smash is the place where you'll find the most covers, and my pick is from there.
yup. one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite games composed by one of my favourite composers and remixed by another one of my favourite composers. treasure trove cove was already a really good song, but i personally prefer the smash remix, and it even gives me nostalgia despite me never growing up with bk

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Day 19: Cover of music by a different artist
Vs. Ridley - Nintendo Land

I was going to post a Smash song but since I already did one two days ago, I chose one many people likely haven't heard. Nintendo Land's soundtrack is greatly overlooked, which is a shame because like Smash, it has some of the best arrangements of songs from different Nintendo franchises like Lower Norfair (Metroid), Big Blue and White Land (F-Zero) and even Murasame Castle's main theme. I like that they incorporated Meta Ridley's theme in this one.
Day 19 - Cover of a music by a different artist: Etrian Odyssey III Super Arrange - Battlefield: Those that Slay and Fall

You thought I would use smash but I decided that was too predictable and instead went with something even more predictable. This one is amazing. Yuzo Koshiro is the original composer and this arrangement was done by Noriyuki Kamikura. Amazing saxophone. I think at least 1-4 all have super arrange soundtracks but out of all of them, this one is my favourite. listne to itr

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Day 19 (Cover of music by a different artist): Gerudo Valley Unplugged (cover by The Warp Zone)

A good few years back, this YouTube channel did a bunch of covers of popular video game songs (mainly acoustic covers, but there are a few ones where they did something different), and the first one they did was this song. And my goodness, it sounds absolutely perfect. Also, I encourage everyone to watch the video as they listen, as the transition from guitar to trumpet and back is hilarious.

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ahh, what a dilemma... my favourite cover band is the megas, but i already used mega man all the way back on day 1! i guess i'll have to find someone else...

...is what i would say, but luckily in the past couple of years, The Megas have started doing castlevania music, and it's pretty great!! so for today's pick, i'm going with Stalker as covered by The Megas, as well as an honourable mention for Vampire Killer as well. I'm gonna be honest, i havent played any castlevania (apart from maybe 20 mins of SotN) but i absolutely LOVE this music, and mixing the original music with The Mega's signature style and lyrics is just a recipe for perfection. maybe its cheating to do a 'cover' that adds so much extra, but i dont really care cause i just find it that great, and the work they've done with it tells such a compelling and fascinating story which engages me despite not being very familiar with the source series

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Day 20: Music from a racing game [Hard Mode]

Whilst I may have played a negligible amount (hence not being on my spreadsheet) of Super Mario Kart and one Forza game, I do not remember what their OSTs sounded like at all. The only racer game I have really played, and hence able to remember the music, is Mario Kart Wii. And since I've already used that game, I'm out of answers.

  • Mario Kart Wii's Rainbow Road
  • ....although I have already used this exact same musical piece for this challenge lol. The coconut mall theme would probably be my second pick.



zelen the actual spore creature
day 20: music from a racing game
well lookie here i am with a boring mario kart answer
anyway i love electrodrome what an absolute bop. might sound stupid but it also gives me slight 2015 nostalgia because god ive listened the HELL out of it and some other mk8 songs back in the day
also while i was looking for this. how


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Day 20 - Music from a racing game

Mario Kart 64 (Rainbow Road) - Of course I had to be pick a Mario Kart game! And of course I had to pick Rainbow Road!

Day 1: Super Mario Galaxy
Day 2: Super Mario Sunshine
Day 3: Super Mario Land
Day 4: Mario Party 9
Day 5: Super Mario Galaxy 2
Day 6: Super Mario 3D World
Day 7: Shovel Knight
Day 8: Metroid Prime
Day 9: N/A
Day 10: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Day 11: Dr. Mario
Day 12: Mario Kart Wii
Day 13: Mario's Time Machine
Day 14: Super Mario Run
Day 15: Super Paper Mario
Day 16: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Day 17: Mario Kart 7
Day 18: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Day 19: Super Mario Kart / Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Day 20: Mario Kart 64
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Was originally going to save this for a mega post at the end like I did last time, however I've decided to post this today as I've written it already. I'll drop all of the days I've missed once I've written all of them.

Day 20: Polar Pass - Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fuelled

I was thinking about posting F-ZERO GX/AX today, but I decided that was Perch's job and I would need to find a different racing game to post music from. As such, I've decided on Polar Pass. It's not the most obvious choice from the game, Electron Avenue and Thunder Struck and the more memorable choices, yet this song sticks out to me so much more, and was the first song from the game that I went out of my way to listen to outside of the game. It's just a nice song, not much more I can say about it. Though while I'm at it, might as well say that I feel that most Crash games are rather weak in terms of music, so it's nice that CTR has at least a few good songs.

For those interested, I would've ended up choosing Osc-Sync Carnival (Lightning) if I went for F-ZERO GX/AX.

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You all know what's coming. The only question is, which one?

Day 20: Mute City - F-Zero GX

It took some thinking, because GX has an excellent soundtrack, But ultimately I decided to go with the GX remix of Mute City (backup was Port Town). The opening might go on just a touch long, but it certainly holds up well, and the beat drop is perfection. In Chapter 7 of story mode, if you don't pause then the beat drop hits riiight as YOU GET BOOST POWER and it's beautiful, beautiful sync. It was hard to choose, but I'm sticking by my choice!


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Here I am to follow up Superchao's answer with another GameCube racing game:

Day 20: Frozen Hillside - Kirby Air Ride

This piece is just beautiful. I usually really like winter area themes in general but this is definitely among my favorites. Oftentimes I come back to this course again and again just to listen to this masterpiece.

Day 19: 02 Battle - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - GaMetal (2019)

Zero-Two's theme from Kirby 64 is so dire and climatic that nobody even cares how easy the boss is, the music is among the most legendary themes ever to appear in a Nintendo game. This GaMetal cover released in 2019 perfectly captures that essence in a way the Brawl version could not, and is also an awesome rock tune to boot (you won't even know you can have both until you hear how GaMetal does on these things). It's so amazing to the point that I'm not even sure I can go back to the original.

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Day 20: Music from a racing game

Yeah, I ain't going for a Mario Kart theme. Going to use this song. Anyone who has played Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed know how fun and amazing it is to play on Burning Depths at really high speeds, right?

Look at how narrow this track is, with all of its tight 90 degree turns? And now imagine this with Mario Kart-style items. And being on a relatively high speeds. It's so much fun to race on this track, especially when you get hit by all sorts of items and fireworks and blowfishes. But seriously I like how challenging it is, really, and the music is so great to go with this track. It represents how tough this track is, how you'll be speeding through the 90 degree turns, the water segments, and whatnot. It has rapping in it too! It's one of my favorite tracks in the game despite lacking in plane segments, even if I do get screwed over a lot in this track.

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Day 20 (Music from a racing game): Airship Fortress (Mario Kart DS)

Okay this game was a HUGE part of my childhood. Whenever we were stuck inside for recess in elementary, kids had their DS systems and we would and play this game together over wireless. This was always one of my favorite tracks in the game, very much helped by the fact that the music is awesome.


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[Hard Mode]

Day 19 - Cover of music by a different artist: Overworld - Super Mario Bros. (S.S.H Remix)
Day 20 - Music from a racing game: Boss Challenge II - Diddy Kong Racing

Day 1 - Title Screen Music: Main Theme - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Day 2 - Opening Level Music: Departure Intro Stage - Mega Man Zero 2
Day 3 - 8-Bit Music: Moonsong - Cave Story
Day 4 - Music From a Console Exclusive Series: Riding on Legendary Beast - Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Day 5 - Hub World or Overworld Music: Summer Forest - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
Day 6 - Music that makes you feel relaxed: Yellow Giant - Doshin the Giant
Day 7 - Music from an indie game: Prince Dail's Theme - Freedom Planet
Day 8 - Music from a shooter (First or third person): Fly Octo Fly - Splatoon 2
Day 9 - Music from a licensed game: Strange Things - Toy Story (Genesis)
Day 10 - RPG Battle Music: Come On! - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
Day 11 - Puzzle Game Music: Type B - Tetris
Day 12 - Music that makes you sad: Grovyle's Sacrifice - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: EoD/EoT/EoS
Day 13 - Music you like from a game you don't like: Gooper Blooper Phase 5 - Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Day 14 - Music featuring vocals: Open Your Heart - Sonic Adventure
Day 15 - Boss Battle Music: The Battle of Award 42 - A Hat in Time
Day 16 - 16-bit music: Athletic - Super Mario World
Day 17 - Music you never get tired of: Rose Town - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Day 18 - Music in a game released the year you were born: Cosmo Canyon - Final Fantasy VII

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day 21 - music you associate with frustration
i havent heard it in quite a while but like. the r2 final boss theme slaps and at the same time oh my god did the final boss itself suck and was no fun. so that probably counts!

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Day 21: Music you associate with frustration
Calamari Inkantation - Splatoon

Because of Inner Agent 3 in Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion. It sucks that that's what it's become for me. At least I'll always have Spicy Calamari Inkantation which is a million times better.

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Day 21: Get Up!! - Punch-Out

Is it cheating to post a compilation of different remixes of a 10 second riff? Maybe. But who's gonna stop me?

Anyhow, it was hard to pick one for today - there are lots of themes i associate with frustration! But ultimately I thought this was the perfect choice for posting with how often I got my ass kicked in Punch-Out Wii. It was a really good game, I should play it some more sometime, and inevitably get repeatedly flattened. What an adventure!