Are there really any terrible Mario games?

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The entire F2P mobage market really needs to be regulated by governments or something at this point, it's predatory as shit.
Belgium has banned those types of games outright while some places are saying lootboxes are considered gambling. Ratings boards are doing the bare minimum though, with them just having a small side note of "May contain in-app purchases" which contain everything from DLC, MTX, to lootboxes.

At least EA has dirtied the word thanks to Star Wars Battlefront II's horrendous inception. More work definitely needs to be done, of course, but all of the industry's worst have started out in the mobile market, where it's a sprawling cesspit of slop. So if there's any need for regulation, it needs to all start in the libertarian paradise that is the mobile market.


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Super Mario bro’s special
Oh yeah, forgot about that. That is by far the worst official Mario game that isn't one of those edutainment games.

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are....are you sure this game is not just a funky bootleg


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Licensed by Nintendo, made by Hudson.


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As with all Japanese home computers until X68000, the PC88 simply didn't have the hardware for decent action games.


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Pretty much.

Still hilariously awful though.


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All those ports of Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. on other consoles/computers prior to the NES also come to mind.


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Still not as bad.


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I'd explain but better to let my pal Jeff Gerstmann show you.

Jesus. I did not realize this game was so unplayable, that hurt to watch. Still, it at least had some good ideas. Adding the barrels and hammer power-up from Donkey Kong for example. I feel like if this game was made for a system without all those limitations it would be a pretty decent entry in the early Super Mario Bros. series.


None of them I think were really bad, as far as I know.
Mario platformers: I could do with a better story than, "The princess is gone! Hey, mister plumber! Will you go get her?" but I love the power ups.
Mario Kart: They were all pretty good for their times, as far as I know, except, Mario Kart Tour, I dislike it for some reason.
Mario Party: Mostly great, until they stopped being developed by Hudson.
Mario RPG's: Mario & Luigi is fabulous, Paper Mario, only ever played Super Paper Mario, but that one was good, and Rabbids and the first one, haven't played.
Mario Sports: Are there any major sports they don't cover? And they some how always add a special Mario twist to it.
Mario 3D Games: These usually bring me memories, and amazing ones at that.
Mario spin-offs: I'm thinking of these series: Luigi's Mansion (8/10), Donkey Kong (7/10), Mario vs. Donkey Kong (7/10), Yoshi (7.5/10), and Wario Ware (Never really played those.)
Mario Mario's: The dude's a stinkin' narcissist.
Everything else: What would fall in this category?


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I think they should add a hammer powerup to new mario games
Well they do have Builder Mario in SMM2 who can use a hammer, but it would be cool to see it maybe put into the next original 2D Mario game.


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Super Wario Bros. It's totally not a Warioware microgame made by the nasty garlic eater himself, no siree.. A totally legit entire videogame. would I lie?

People who say any Mario game is truly terrible have not heard of the following games as far as I'm concerned:

The Quiet Man
Ride to Hell: Retribution
Big Rigs
Umbrella Corp
Contra: Rogue Corps
Bubsy 3D
Sonic 06
Dungeon Keeper Mobile
Star Trek Trexels
Final Fantasy: All the Bravest
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5
WWE 2K20
Custer's Revenge
Ethnic Cleansing
Superman 64

Also, the Russian jank that Glowsquid and I love talking about.

The lowest Metacritic score a Mario game got was like, 50? High 40? The games above have like, 30's, 20's and even less (Ride to Hell has a 16-19 on Metacritic!). Mario is Missing is just a poor edutainment title, but it at least doesn't have like, gamebreaking bugs. Hotel Mario just has mediocre gameplay aside from its memetic cutscenes. And I happen to like Mario Party Advance too, I find it an underrated game with an interesting single player mode with charming dialogue.
you forgot the best, er, worst of all

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I'm gonna be honest, ET isn't that bad of a game.

Well, I mean it is a bad game, but it's really no worse than a good 95% of other Atari 2600 games, it's really more the circumstances surrounding it that makes it infamous IMO.


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It's no custer's revenge

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The one Mario game I just wanna forget about its existence is Mario Kart Tour.

This game just bugs me. Nintendo already made an honestly really fun mobile Mario game in the form of Super Mario Run. So when I heard about Mario Kart on mobile, I was excited. When it came out, I downloaded it and started playing it, only to slowly realize that all this waiting was useless.

Now it could be something with my phone, but the game has a really low quality and lags. But since I don't have such a sophisticated phone, I guess that's all right. Only problem being that the controls suck like the Poltergust 3000. I guess drifting is all right, but just steering your vehicle is awful. I had to tilt my phone, and it didn't even fully work!

Gameplay aside, this game looks ok, I guess. The tracks look less realistic, kinda looking like they belong in a paper mario game. There are old and new tracks, which is neat, but a lot of them are repeated several times. Also I'll never understand why those games require an internet connection. At least it makes more sense than Super Mario Run. I like the whole character Tour thing, and also the Item frenzy mechanic.

Honestly that's just sad. These pretty cool and unique mechanics were wasted on such a lackluster game, while we could've gotten them in Mario Kart 9 on the Switch. There even were some pretty cool characters added (also clones but nobody cares).

Nintendo had the tools to make a really good or at least decent Mobile Mario Kart, but instead we got a mess of a game that plays horribly. This marks the first Mario game I've played that I didn't enjoy at all, which made me uninstall it three days after I downloaded it and never touched it again.

also wait what this game is still getting updates wtf

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Mario Kart Tour was messy, but I wouldn't call it terrible.

I mean you can at least control it and all that.