1,000,000 things we hate!

Coco Bandicoot

Crash’s smart kid sister
2184: How they changed the Fire Engine transformation in Kirby's extra Epic Yarn. You used to be able to do multiple sprays at once with easy control over where you're going in the Wii version. On the 3DS, goodbye to multiple sprays, hello having to move the tank to where you want to shot using the shoulder buttons, making every section using this transformation a chore.

Prince Dreambert

Prince of Pi'illo's
2187: When you're playing a game of Fugitive with your youth group at dusk, and when you go off with two of them, and then they leave you stranded in some random church parking lot for almost an hour, and some stranger pulls in playing Pokémon Go, and they give you a lift back to the pastor's house, and when you walk in, you find out nobody realized you were gone until you walked in.

Yes, this is filled with grammar errors (probably).
Yes, this is very specific.
Yes, this isn't likely to happen to someone.
Yes, this actually happened to me once.
And yes, it was terrifying, even as a fifteen-year-old.

Trab Pu Kcip

Is Dark Allison
2188: Computer Crashes.