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Fox Pokemon
2281: The fanfic I wrote for Dogs VS. Birds Shroomfest. Even though most posts from it were deleted aside from the first three parts of the story, a lot of the flaws in my writing for all Car Wash posts from 2019-2021 could also be seen here. Zem and Zam didn't appear in a lot of scenes despite having a starring role, the new characters introduced didn't have much going for them, and the story was written in support of the team that did not win, meaning that the ending was haphazardly changed at the last minute. Also, the rules of the dog show were very hypocritical, as Pokemon were allowed to enter, but Yo-Kai and Cinnamoroll weren't despite all of them having powers that normal dogs couldn't.


2282: I hate that Torchic is being so negative about her own writing. We all go through stages of development, please allow yourself the freedom to not be perfect.