Super Mario 64 OVA

Zdrmonster Productions

Bubblun the Bubble Dragon
1. No godmod
2. Don't try to control the plot in your favor.
3. Don't try to be in position of power.
4. You can't kill anyone unless I give permission to you.
5. No refrences to real life.
6. Swearing is OK, but don't do it constantly.

Title: Super Mario 64 (The Movie)
Premise: Mario was relaxing near the Mushroom Kingdom castle one day, but then the Mushroom King called him over because he was in trouble. Mario & Luigi come to the castle and meet up with King Koopa, who is holding the Mushroom King and his daughter Princess Toadstool (A half Toad, half slime) hostage, Now Mario & Luigi have to listen into King Koopa's demands, and see what he is up to...

Exclusive Characters (So far..):
- OVA Princess Toadstool:
Species: Half Toad/Half Slime.
Relationships: Mushroom King (Father), Mario (Boyfriend)

Mushroom King:
Species: Toad
Relationships: (OVA) Princess Toadstool (Daughter).

I'll claim the OVA Princess Toadstool, the Mushroom King, and King Koopa. Anyone can claim Mario & Luigi to start this RP for me.

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Use name
I will take Luigi as my RP character and once someone claims Mario we can start this doohickey