1,000,000 things we hate!

2238: counting
2240: Super Mario 64: Kaizo Edition.
2241: Keyboard controls on Flash games not working on the mobile version of Ruffles (an emulator for Flash games.) It only works on the desktop, which disappoints me.
2242: Dash Panels. They make your character very hard to control in 3D World. In most levels they appear in, I try to avoid them as much as I can.
2243: Youtubers who can't finish the thing they're reviewing before making a video on it. The only review I've seen that was on a thing the reviewer failed to complete a thing that was good was Caddicarus' Spyro Orange review, because he provided a good reason for not finishing the game and explained his thoughts well. The rest are just lacking in content and usually don't finish the thing they review because they're in a rush, have better things to do, or just simply don't like the product so much that they get tired of it and quit the game without intending on going any further. Now that's just laziness.
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2245: People who chat with the cashier instead of simply getting their groceries scanned or paid for.
2247: How cringey my old arcs were in MCCW (which was basically everything I wrote in it before 2022)
2248: Me giving up on doodling after my parents and teachers forced me to do so in middle school so I'd get my education. I could have a Netflix animated series like Dav Pilkey or TheOdd1sOut by now.
2250: Drawing ponies with balanced proportions
2252: Jester Zombies in PvZ2
(Time for some not good MCCW ideas/concepts!)

2253: Naming one of my OC's after a popular singer that I didn't even like. Lord knows I would've named him something a whole lot more original if he was introduced today!

2254: Not making translating unintelligible characters' lines an permanent part of writing until 2022 came around. Before this, every unintelligible character I wrote was quite a chore to write lines for.

2255: The whole entire series of Mario Party arcs I did. These are perhaps the cringiest of my arcs, as they never innovated, lasted much longer than necessary, did not impact any characters besides my own ones, and basically boiled down to: Velo is wreaking havoc again, time to stop him.

2256: All of my holiday arcs, for having little to no content when they were original, and not doing anything new when they were retellings of holiday plays or specials.

2257: Introducing the alien group's members without any build-up, and not giving them anything important to do within my arcs (before 2022.) (This mainly concerns Zem, Zam and N. Trance.)

2258: Over-usage of Toadette within character arcs that weren't mine (when they didn't involve my other characters). Also, Over-usage of Velo and his allies as the bad guy, with mostly the same strategy on how to get rid of him every time.

2259: The fact that the little baby Pokemon once had an entire arc where they and Toadette and co. explored the worlds of female oriented franchises. Although all posts related to it have been deleted by me (mainly because I couldn't finish it and they were spaced far apart from each-other), it was the first time I implemented female franchises into an RP. While some of the franchises featured in it might return (or already have returned in the case of MLP and SSC), I wouldn't handle them like I did during this arc.

2260: How certain arcs like Unicycle Accident and the rebuilding of Gasmoxia were supposed to be a lot grander compared to the finished project. Gasmoxia's rebuilding had too little going on for all characters, and it also ended way too soon. Every character involved within it had little to do within it, and if I were to do it today, I'd probably have some actual content instead of uneventfulness for several weeks.

(As for Unicycle Accident, it was mostly damaged because Oxide (who was supposed to be the star, as it was based upon his CTR ending), had very little to do within it. Instead, Velo and his allies had more scenes than him, and Toadette and the others had little influence on the plot. This arc was also responsible for the reason why @Booguette left the RP, as I scared him away from playing because I told him not to use the Yo-Kai Watch Blasters characters he was playing as to move the plot away from my favored route. Booguette, if you happen to read this, please know that I'm really sorry for ruining your RP experience in any way. Sincerely, Toadettefan.)
2261: Attempting to dance and slamming my hand on my wall.
2262: Getting stung by a bee

2263: Receiving information that my mom is sick

2264: Joy-con drift

2265: Getting trolled

2266: Pasta

2267: Eggs

2268: Encountering a superboss that instantly Ko's me before I even get a turn

2269: Scarecrow status effect

2270: Nightmares that won't allow me to wake up

2271: Making a small mistake when building a lego set that causes a huge catastrophe in which you have to break the whole set apart to fix the problem
2272: How disobidient the CPUs in Kirby Star Allies can be when you're trying to piggyback on them or get them to use their powers instead of your own to solve certain puzzles. 95% of the time, they're going to be jumping around the place or hurting themselves instead of doing what you want them to do.
2276: Old apps/games being unavailable because they were never brought over to 64bit