1,000,000 things we hate!


A bad vehicle choice for people who can't balance
2129: The Rainbow Magic books. They interpret Jack Frost as a bad guy, but ever since I saw Rise of the Guardians, I almost always assumed that Jack Frost was good, not evil.

2130: Moshi Monsters. To me, this online game is very boring. I once owned a 3DS game based off it, which like most licensed games, was a repetitive and very boring minigame collection. Thankfully, a year after I got it, I donated the game to my local Thrift Store. I also think the Glumps, the villains of the franchise, are very gross with their spitting of slime. Avoid this franchise if you can!


2131: Goosebumps (2015) - Forced romantic subplot when they easily could of been happily friends & for the monsters they mostly just focus on like 3 of them and leave the other 100 as easter eggs with no substance.

2132: Pixels (movie) - They somehow managed to offend and/or bore every viewer demographic imaginable, I guess I can at least praise them on that.
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A bad vehicle choice for people who can't balance
2144: The update to Pokémon.com that removed all flash and HTML games from it that happened last spring. I don't get why they had to remove them, only Medicham's Balance Bounce, Psyduck's Shuffle Surprise, Chingling's Ring Along, Magnemite's Power Pulse Puzzler, Magikarp's Ripple Reaction, Pokémon Pulse, Floette Float, Chesnaught's Spiky Shield, Pokémon Puzzler, Solrock & Lunatone's Waterfall Fun, Delphox's Fiery Escape, Inkay's Topsy-Turvy World, Alolan Volcanic Panic, Bounsweeet's Bouncy Adventure, Passimian's Jungle Bowling, Chasm Crosser, Togedemaru's Hop-to-the-Top, and Spooky Spotlight were really the only ones that sucked in my opinion.


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2147: The intense outcry from the fans who discount any criticism of Pokemon's shaider practises

(Just to be clear this isn't criticism of the above post, I REALLY couldn't care less about Dexit, I just felt like tackling the other extreme of the situation)


2148: When you get to the end of an MP9 game as the clear winner and then you lose half you Mini Stars to a Bowser space.


A bad vehicle choice for people who can't balance
2149: When a company reboots a very successful franchise, but instead of doing it the good way, they make everything worse, and the reboot fails miserably.

2150: The Powerpuff Girls reboot, one of the prime examples of this.

2151: When a company tries to modernize a very successful franchise for a new generation of children, or to appeal to a different demographic or gender. It doesn't work.

2152: For an example, that one time in the mid-2000s when Dam Things tried to modernize the Troll doll to appeal to young girls. Not only were they losing money because of low sales, but they also picked DIC entertainment to make one of the most boring cartoons of its library to help market them. I'm glad the 2016 reboot did everything right, because not only did they go back to the ideas of the original Troll dolls, but the movie they created with Dreamworks was very successful, even if I didn't see it.