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Always remembering Walkazo
My favorite watch. The batteries died and the velcro strap fell apart years ago, so I don't wear it anymore. But my self-insert/avatar wears it. I still have it in case I can replace the strap with a buckle or something. It's digital and analog! It's also blue. I like blue.

j's watch.jpg


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Despite begrudgingly having face hair I felt a little good about this pic,
so here I am xD A forum elder TwT
I think for some reason my phones video lens is better quality than the camera lens o.o
feeling good about this one.jpg

no more stache
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I have 11 Super Mario series amiibo, and 37 Smash 4 amiibo.


These are almost all the figurines I have and a few plushies as well. There's also a New Super Mario Bros. Wii poster on the wall.


Back row: Wedding Peach, Yarn Yoshis, Isabelle, Inkling Girl, and 8-Bit Mario amiibos, plus Cat Toad and Baby Peach plushies.
Front row: Many Mario Kart figures.


(sorry about the camera flash making it hard to see Diddy Kong's golf and horse racing cards)

Yeah, I have the entire collection (all 90 cards), but I don't know if it was worth spending all of that money on these cards...

And finally, this is a project that I did a few years ago. It wasn't something that I had to do for school, this is just something that I wanted to do in my free time. I call it: The Girls of Nintendo (and a few third party characters)

Girls of Nintendo.png

I started this project in March 2016 and I finished in May of that same year, but I didn't work on this project every day.


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