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Surely you jestin!

I've been meaning to buy this shirt for MONTHS. Eventually, I realized they have it in a size I like, and I ultimately bought it. It's from Target, if you were wondering.

And if you were wondering where the picture on my wall is from, it's from an underrated game called KoGaMa.
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My dad would've liked that but not really me lol. I just wanted a break from dealing with lots of hair so i was like "well this might come in handy for Halloween costume possibilities so sure why not"

maybe this year I'll be something other than a standard ass clown in a generic costume lmao


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Oh would you lookie here, the last post is mine. Well then, I'll just be sharing my absolutely horrifying costume that was planned for today's halloween party in my building, if the thing hadn't ended earlier than planned and been deserted when I got there after fumbling SO much on this mustache... No matter, I'll just be sharing it with all of you.

don't let it go.png

I wanted to do the sideburns but ran out of fake hair (read: wasted too much of it not knowing how to apply it)


Enjoying dinners at 9:00 PM

LeftyGreenMario as Ellis

Me as Nick


another picture with both of us posed (one of my irl friends is in the shot with his face cropped out for his privacy, not talking about the bird of course)

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Should've posted this sooner but eh.

So, I was gonna be Dr. Mario for halloween but I couldn't find my mustache, so I crudely drew one on. It looked awful, so I started to wash it off, but then I got an idea.

Introducing: Dr. Phill Murray
(Dr. Phil + Bill Murray)