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Alien superhero princess
I am, I'm trans
Are you growing long hair?
What do you usually wear?
Are you planning or conducting a medical transition?

Rinka Hayami

Koops, King of cowards.
Here everyone have some Lebanese ass.

Or not, that's just my face, guys, it was just an unfunny joke, don't go away. There was that time not long ago where I was like "Beard is starting to take over territory but I'm not shaving everything" and BAM! Here you have it. Only prominent part of my beard still left is right under the chin ('f course, shadows in combination with the tiny strands of hair make it look like it's still fully there).


Few stray blonde hairs are starting to grow in my mustache. They're rare but consistent, wonder if I'll ever turn blond. That would certainly be, uh, interesting, I guess.

Hilda Valentine Goneril

hilda-chan no kachi
Retired Wiki Staff
its been a while

i just cleaned my shelves yesterday and set up rin and lina after bein the box for so long (and they are really cool)

now im pretty sure i need a new shelf lol
shout out to @Shmoopie for reminding me this exists

i rearranged a bit and got some new nicos

literally no space lol