The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

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I'm off on holiday for a week from tomorrow, so I'll only be able to visit here at occasional random intervals. I'll still be in and out in the unlikely case that anybody needs me, but I'll be back fairly soon. :)

Edit (29.7.19): Back again now, I'm just finishing playing catch-up to everything I missed while I was away.


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Welcome back!

Btw I won’t be online very often for a couple weeks, just a loss of constant WiFi and a broken laptop combined into one annoying situation.

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Welcome back Rose!

And see ya Moldo!

btw in case you haven't realized I'm not posting all that much nowadays. Maybe it's simply because I can't exactly find anything to post or something. I'll try to be more active, I guess.

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I wasn't Online for a few days (mostly because I was getting more attracted to Twitter) as you might've noticed. It's good to be back! Especially with The forum's new look (it looks awesome!!!). So yeah, maybe I'll consider being more online.

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Ah sh*t! Here we go again!

So I know I just came back from the dead, but I'll be gone for a little longer.

You might remember last year that I went to some camp and was gone for 10 days. Well it's back this year and it's happening tomorrow. It's the same length and it probably will be as crappy.

Then sorry to break it to you, but I'm leaving for 9 days (yeah actually it wasn't 10...). See ya on August 11th!


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Well I'll be going there too soon. I still have that last day of some animation course and I'll be there. Not goodbye just yet.