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The voice actor stuff is just classic Hollywood tbh, gotta have the celebrity voice actors in your movie for marketing purposes because no one outside of the Mario/video game fandom is gonna know who the hell Charles Martinet is.

I don't agree with it, I didn't like it when they didn't use any of the Scooby Doo voice cast (sans Frank Welker) in Scoob! and I don't like it now. Just let the already existing voice actors for the characters reprise their roles.


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I know Anya Taylor Joy is in Queen’s Gambit, but generally she’s known for starring in supernatural horror films like The Witch, Split and Last Night in Soho. So it’s a fascinating transition from horror…to Princess Peach.

Seth Rogen as DK is the one casting choice that has me confused. I love Seth Rogen. The dude is hilarious. But this role is suited for someone who has a bit of a high testosterone physique like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ron Perlman or Dave Bautista. Not a middle weight comedian who does stoner comedies.


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Celebrity voice actors being used as a marketing purposes do remind me of how rewarding it is when a normal voice actor is a perfect fit for a popular character. Charles Martinet certainly wasn't the most popular but after his portrayal of Mario (starting from Super Mario 64) he became THE Mario voice actor. Garfield is similar: the voice actor wasn't known but Lorenzo Music gave life to the character, and is much more impressive than Mel Blanc's Heathcliff because while Mel Blanc is legendary, it doesn't really lend much to the character since it is much more ephemeral to use a celebrity (and also because Heathcliff is traditionally a silent character).

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The thing with this cast is I’m getting the impression that this movie will most likely be faithful to the Mario games with a touch of the typical Illumination formula ($50 bucks says the Goombas will be the Minions of the movie)…and nothing more.

This may sound strange but I do believe a Mario movie has potential to be something more. It doesn’t have to be faithful to the games, it could be BETTER than the games in terms of acting, writing and cinematography. It could also be an Oscar winner…not just Best Animated Feature.

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So do y'all think they'll have Chris Pratt and Charlie Day doing the Italian accents for Mario and Luigi or nah?

Personally I feel like it'd be a lose-lose situation either way because I can totally see it being annoying if Mario and Luigi are speaking and just have that overly stereotypical Italian accent that really only works as well as it does in the games due to them not saying much, but if they don't have the accent, then Mario fans will be like 'WTF where is the accents???'
I want them to, lol. I think Mario speaking with the Italian accent isn't annoying, I've sat through it several times, such as the Mario Sports Mix press conference, the Nintendo 3DS promotional video, Mario narrating Mario Bros. trapped in a perilous pit, Mario reading letters out loud to kids, Mario simply bantering with kids in the Nintendo World Store, Mario dissing Sony and doing movie impressions, Mario and friends chatting in Charles Martinet's Vine, and so much more, and it's always getting me grinning from ear to ear. I've heard a bit of Luigi too, and it wouldn't be annoying. Maybe other people might find it annoying....? You're not the first one to imagine this, but apparently, talking Mario is popular enough that Nintendo has events for Mario to talk to people. Nintendo simply doesn't give Mario a chance to talk much so all you imagine are the high notes Mario typically makes but as a talking voice.

I'm expecting Chris Pratt and Charlie Day to make reasonable Mario and Luigi impressions because their voices are so recognizable. I mean, I'm still down for the possibility that you'll see Mario with Chris Platt's usual voice tumbling out his mouth.

To be honest, I just want to find out if Mario and friends look like themselves in the film now. I am still morbidly curious to see how Mario will sound like but still looks like himself, like is it going to be like the revolving door voice actors with Sonic or is it going to be like Mario modded over another character and without the voice mods that accompany them?? I'm really curious about Toad's casting too. I love it to death. I want to hear the high notes Key is able to pull off for Toad. But who the hell looks at Toad and imagines YEAH WE SHOULD GET THE GUY WHO VOICED TESTICLE MONSTER IN RICK AND MORTY!!!!!

It just feels wrong to pull Charles away from his babies. He's already involved, let him voice them :'(

On the bright side, I'm excited to see Foreman Spike in this movie. He even got an emblem to match the ones the cast have in the spinoff games which is kind of surreal ngl.
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Same! I'm still pretty disappointed Martinet isn't going to voice wahoo boys but I want to give Chris Pratt a chance. I'm not a purist or a hater like others I guess. Maybe Charles Martinet can also voice some double takes, who knows??? I still bet Mario and Luigi talk, though! Anyhow, Chris Pratt over Mario.... it's soooo weird and surreal, but I kinda love the idea of seeing Mario's face and then imagining CHRIS PRATT. Reading my posts (as they typically have Mario pfps) and imagining my in the voice of CHRIS PRATT. Looking at happy jumping Mario. And then imagining CHRIS PRATT. Mario getting beaten up in a Smash Bros. trailer. Imagining CHRIS PRATT. Paper Mario destroying the fourth dimension and returning Chaos Hearts to their original place as foretold by the prophecy. CHRIS PRATT!!! CHRISSSSSSSS PRAAAAAAAAAATT.

And the same for Bowser. Jack Black. Ruler of the Cosmos. Jack Black. That one just seems crazy enough to work lol.

I mean the casting choices are still hard to process. Imagine George Clooney as Yoshi. Dwayne Johnson as Wario. Nolan North as Bowser Jr. Nick Cage as Waluigi. It sounds just as stupid as the real thing.

I also welcome the addition of Foreman Spike in the film. I seriously thought they'll stick to the usual cast of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Toad, minions, and little else, like they usually do in the games, but this is a genuine good surprise. I'm looking forward to see Spike, which I'm expecting in 3D. I wonder what other characters they'll put in the film, though. It's such a weird choice tbh. I don't think the typical layperson even knows who Spike is. Is it throwing a bone to Mario fans? Then why the casting choices then???

Anyhow, er, FTG, how do you feel Toad is gonna get voiced by that guy and not by the usual shrieking from Samantha Kelly?
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a tweet i just found is
charles martinet being reduced to "cameos" in the movie is just so insulting and that sounds like an exaggeration but this would've been such an amazing full circle moment for him to play the char he's done for decades to the fullest extent :(
and i think i agree! plus chris pratt might be homophobic :\

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I like Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlie Day. I'm mostly eager to see Charlie's portrayal of Luigi lol


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how do you feel Toad is gonna get voiced by that guy and not by the usual shrieking from Samantha Kelly?
I'll have to just wait and see. I've seen clips of his new voice actor making screeching sounds so I'm bracing myself for the worst. But Toad being annoying is normal to me, so I'm more concerned with how prevalent he'll be. As long as he stays in the background I'm good, but if they try to make him this movie's Minions that's where the line will be crossed.


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Given how there are some observations that Martinet's voice range wasn't as fresh as before, as observed in Luigi's Mansion 3 where Luigi sounded hoarser (I haven't heard to compare, but I'll take others' word for it) and WarioWare's latest games where Wario sounded deeper, perhaps having Mario talk too much might be a bit too much, especially because he's done it for several characters, including the Mario brothers. So I understand why Martinet doesn't do it for Mario.

Now if Martinet does it for Wario and Waluigi (who might be minor for all we know), that would be interesting.

Something I've noticed when the characters are announced is that the emblems for the characters are represented, which is rather interesting because it shows how strongly the icons for the individual characters are associated to them, especially Peach's crown. The Spike emblem is an interesting reveal only because we know it's not the enemy Spike they are referring to.

Thank you for reading.

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Pratt better do a good Tony Soprano impression for Mario--or, at least, something in that range but a bit more mellow for teh children.

Guy seems good with accents; as an American, he's proved to be able to pull off an Essex accent quite eloquently, so maybe getting him to do a Brooklyn one wouldn't be too tall an order?

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Bowser's villain song? Should be close to the Mario 3 World 8 theme or on point with it. XD

Also, yes Martinet should remain the voice of Mario in this series. It makes sense for practical reasons, but either way, I'm looking forward to trying this film out when it is released and I hope that at the least it is enjoyable.


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"Only poc character?"

The entire Gerudo tribe would like to know your location.

Not to mention Matt the Mii, various Inklings, pretty sure there's some poc npcs in BotW.