Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)


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"Only poc character?"

The entire Gerudo tribe would like to know your location.

Not to mention Matt the Mii, various Inklings, pretty sure there's some poc npcs in BotW.
These characters have nothing to do with the Mario movie.

In any case, it looks like the tweet's been deleted.

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Welp, the movie has been delayed to April of next year. What is it with Illumination delaying things more and more?! First it happened to Sing 2 (original date was holiday 2020, came out holiday 2021), than Minions 2 (original date was summer 2020, then it was summer 2021, and now it's coming out in July of this year), and now the Mario movie gets the same treatment?! Ironically, the original Mario movie will be 30 years old by the time of its release. And I'm not too impressed with releasing a movie 30 years after the terrible first attempt, cause what if history repeats itself and the movie is bad?

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considering miyamoto is overlooking it very closely i doubt itll be bad. but i dont think itll be GOOD either. im expecting something bland consdiering, this is illumination


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The movie quality will be whatever it is, don't really see why it matters if it's 29 years after the original or 30. Delays are probably at least partially due to COVID since the movie industry's been having a lot of that across the board, not just Illumination.

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What if the delay had nothing to do with changing major parts of the movie and was just because they needed more time lol
That's what I'm guessing it is, unless Miyamoto was so pissed off at what they had done that he personally ordered the crew to redo everything.


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idk man, this isn't the 90's-00's anymore. Our attitudes regarding video game movies have changed quite a bit since then, especially in the wake of successes such as Angry Birds, Detective Pikachu, and especially both Sonic movies breaking grossing records. Sure we still have our bullshit movies like that recent Monster Hunter movie but I do have optimism that this movie will at least be decent especially that Nintendo has a tighter hand on the production than they did in that disastrous movie in 1993.
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