Mario's Amusement Park

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I am sensing something!
Super Nintendo World is upcoming in Japan (and I think I heard something about one in California and Florida?) and lots of the rides and such has been announced.

However, there are several things that I would love to see that weren't mentioned. For example, how about an arcade featuring all of the Nintendo arcade games and add a Waluigi's Pinball machine.
Or perhaps take a note from Nintendo Land and include Mario Chase and Luigi's Ghost Mansion.

But these are just some of my ideas. What ideas do you have?

My Random Themes theme

I am sensing something!
More than anything, I would love some crazy mash-up of Nintendo Land and Wii Sports Resort come to life.

Mario Party X

🎊Party over here, f🎆ck you over there!!🎊
Expanding on the Luigi's Ghost Mansion idea, I think a proper haunted house attraction based on the Luigi's Mansion games would be cool. (But I'd never step foot in it, I'm a coward)
You need to prove yourself better than Luigi. Live up to Waluigi, show Luigi how much of a wimp he is.

Luan Loud

[laughs] "Get it?"
Ooh, I also want a real life Baby Park as long as the pink gold Baby Peach statue is there. That statue is my favorite thing about Baby Park and I'd totally want to take a picture with it.