What Mario character would be your friend in real life

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If Mario characters were real and you personally know them, which ones would your friends?
Personally, I think Yoshi and Toaddete would be the closet friends, we love being cute, eating and helping out, it helps that they are really friendly in game though I would have to look out for Yoshi's eating habbits

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Melon and Gravy go together.
Most likely Bowser (!) because I'm good at creating evil, and you don't have to do more work being evil than nice.

(Nah, Mario.)


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But do you ever think Mario is just an actor and gets paid to be nice? along with bowser, peach, Luigi and every one else?
No? People in general don't need to get paid to be nice.


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I could easily see myself being friends with Mario and Luigi. Peach seems likeable enough and I could even be friends with Daisy. I dunno about Yoshi though since he could accidentally eat someone if he's hungry enough. I definitely cannot be friends with Wario or Waluigi because as much fun they are to watch, they do love to ruin someone's day.

I would also like to be friends with the Paper Mario partners. (Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Goombella, Koops, Yoshi, Vivian).


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Yoshi: friendly partner who truly active physically and also a big eater.
Daisy: a down-to-earth person who likes to make me motivated.
Rosalina: I can see her as my mentor/therapist friend.


I'd say Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi. Pretty overrated but here we go.

Mario is that one friend we all desire to be. Brave, loyal, protect those who are close to him.
Luigi is our lil' scaredy cat of a brother that must be protected at any cost.
Peach is literally the wife material. She's so pretty. Don't judge me.
Yoshi is that one partner who's pretty athletic and active. Big eater!

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Well, you know what they say, never meet your hero in person. :P They're all heroes.


I'd probably get along best with Geno. He isn't loud and annoying, seems normal enough for what he is, and doesn't have any strong personality quirks.


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yoshi is friends with mario even after all the abuse he's been through, so he must be incredibly friendly
I don't really buy the "Mario abuses Yoshi" schtick. I mean, people say that Mario uses Yoshi as an extra platform, but Yoshi in that game runs off a cliff without hesitation too.