What Mario character would be your friend in real life


Feed me.
Bowser because hes freaking AWESOME

Bowser II

Just like the first one, except better.
I don't know, I could see myself becoming friends with Luigi. We're both a little weird in a good way. Plus, I'm a total coward. I can absolutely relate to his fear. He'd be a great friend to have.

This one is a little more farfetched, but I'd really like to be friends with Kamek. He's a scholarly guy, I could probably learn a lot from him, like magic and the answers to all my deepest Mario lore questions. He seems like a hard person to befriend though, being evil and all. I mean, the guy has no problem kidnapping newborns with the intent to kill. I don't think I can vibe with that.
While all of you ignore Wario, I'll become his bff. He'll teach me economics and how to run a business, while I in exchange teach him to have better hygiene. Then, I'll pass on that knowledge to his brother so that he stops being a loser.


I don't really buy the "Mario abuses Yoshi" schtick. I mean, people say that Mario uses Yoshi as an extra platform, but Yoshi in that game runs off a cliff without hesitation too.
He does punch him in the back of the head to surprise him into sticking his tongue out...but it must be more of a tickle to Yoshi, I guess.

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Mario residents do appear to be durably squishy. Often the worst even baddies seem to suffer is being poofed, which seems to imply just being respawned.

Take note of Toads (or npc equivalents) in 3D Mario games, you can stomp them and it seems to only inflict annoyance, they don't take any apparent damage.

And then throw Sports, Kart, and Party into the mix; and we can see everyone attacks everyone without inflicting any permanent harm onto each other. It's like everyone is super resilient and plays by the games rules.
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I'd love to be friends with Lord Crump, Count Bleck, Bowser and his minions, Lady bow, Lakilester (aka spike), Huff n Puff, Cortez, Daisy, and Rosalina.