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What kind of recurring nightmares do your OCs get?
Blitz: Losing Mija and/or Viri, or the foretold Calamity
Viri: Revealing her true self
E D G Y Blitz: He doesn't get nightmares
E D G Y Viri: (same as E D G Y Blitz)
Agnes: Memories of Freddy Fazbear's pizza, dying or loosing any of her girlfriends
Demior: Transforming back into the demon he was

Cthina- I like demonic characters
I like them too! I also like when there's fire! It's my favorite!
What kind of recurring nightmares do your OCs get?
Shmaluigi has this one nightmare where he's working as a JojaMart cashier and then this old lady shows up and keeps taking stuff out of her cart but it never empties

What is your favorite thing about each of your OC's?
(Since I have a truckload of them, I'll post my list later.)
Shmaluigi is perfection. You can't just pick one thing.
What is the hardest thing you have about fleshing out the characters?
-Mushroom City Car Wash-
Mija- Her stubbornness to let go of DIME makes it hard for her to have some types of arcs
Cthina- I want to keep her personality how it is, so it's hard to develop her
Boba- She rarely appears so it's hard to give her time to shine
Monnu- She rarely appears so it's hard to give her time to shine
Thorrim- He rarely appears so it's hard to give her time to shine
-Mario's house-
Melon- The fact that that RP is a bit dead makes it hard to develop her
Edgy Mija- The fact that that RP is a bit dead makes it hard to develop her
-World of the Spirits-
Corey- I can't do much rn, I have an arc planned though
Minaz- Her criminal record makes it hard for her to have arcs
Tyra- Her status as an fiercely loyal and unstable Bioweapon makes it hard for her to have arcs
Mixia- Her cowardly nature makes it hard to do some types of arcs
Prism- Her reluctance to leave home makes it hard to do arcs
Sunray- ???
Cosmos (Uchie)- She's brand new so she's still being fleshed out
Mango (Tiffany)- She's brand new so she's still being fleshed out, but I do have an arc planned for her


Do any of your characters have interesting origins in real life (Like why they were made)


-Mushroom City Car Wash-
Mija- She was inspired by Sonic of all things, the Sonic movie featured rings that allowed you to travel between dimensions so I took my Sonic OC I made when I was 8 and combined her with the concept of interdimensional travel, then came up with DIME's design because of Fallout 4's Pip-Boy. I wanted her to come from a war-torn universe to separate her from Sonic's tamer style. She has now come so far from that origin so... She is not a Sonic OC anymore.
Cthina- I thought the idea of an Inkling based on Cthulhu was cool
Boba- None
Monnu- None
Thorrim- None
-Mario's house-
Melon- I like watermelon and Meta Runner, so I threw the two together in the weirdest way possible
Edgy Mija- None
-World of the Spirits-
Corey- I wanted a Inkling character who wasn't a demon
Minaz- None
Tyra- I like Resident Evil, so I made a character based on the Tyrant Bioweapon
Mixia- I made a random Mii for Smash and ended up liking her
Prism- I wanted a comic-book style supervillain
Sunray- Every supervillain needs a superhero counterpart
Cosmos (Uchie)- She's actually a Friday Night Funkin' OC who was changed for WotS
Mango (Tiffany)- Someone on a discord server I have now left called me a 'Mangof***er' so I did the only reasonable thing, I made a character named Mango that I wouldn't mind well... Y'know... She ended up as an Inkling after Splatoon 3 was announced, I wanted a Splatsville character and Cthina was already her own thing, seperate from Inkopolis and the rest of the Splatoon universe, and Corey is deeply tied to Inkopolis, so I made Mango into an Inkling
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What is your favorite thing about each of your OC's?
The Boy Commander: His hairstyle before his remodel. (He had a mohawk!) Currently, the fact that he wears a suit EVERYWHERE.

The Girl Commander: She's so generic, I find it funny. (We're working on fleshing out her character.)

Henry: He's on the Boys side, but he can be kind of girly sometimes. Also he loves to cook, which I also do, so that's fun.

Bertha: She's so bossy, it's hilarious. I love the quasi-romantic tension between her and Sarge.

Sarge: Total drill sergeant. I love characters like that.

Jules: (Needs fleshed out.)

Louis: He doesn't talk. I also like his cousins.

Mini Dinos: They are so stinkin' cute! If you guys want, I could post a picture somewhere.

Bill Board: His name is a great pun.

Isaac: Based on my irl best friend.

Oscar: He's SUCH a jerk, it makes him fun to write about.

Cuboid: He's based on this little hover drone we had.

Bomb Boy: (Needs fleshed out.)

Mech Man: He's so kind, and the fact that he's ENORMOUS compared to literally all of my other characters is funny.

Gravity Guy: His backstory is very fun. (He lived in a meteroite for a while. That's all I'll say.)

Dagger: (Needs fleshed out.)

The Pen Master: Based on an irl friend. Also his powers are aMAZING!

Melody: Her powers are pretty cool too.

Wild Girl: (Needs fleshed out.)

Susie: She adores Oscar and he totally ignores her. (I mean, she's his secratary, so.)

Wrank, Runk, and Claude: Just think. What isn't there to love about a three headed beast?

Stretch: (Needs fleshed out.)

Squido: He's a giant squid. Nuff said.

The Muck Monsters: (Needs fleshed out.)

The Black Knight: (Needs fleshed out.)

???: (Needs fleshed out.)

Warlord: I think he looks cool.

Elijah: Based on me. Also I would love to have his shield.

Elisha: Reflects the cool side of me.

Eliana: Reflects the kind side of me.

Eli: Reflects the energetic/crazy side of me.

Magnico: I really like this guy. Can't say why, I just do.

Dominic: He's a talking dragon. What isn't there to love?

Echo: I love seeing her speak her mind as opposed to just repeating others.

Gale: She's like an older sister to Echo, and I enjoy watching her get overprotective. It can lead to some funny interactions.

Ado: He's so mischevious, it's amazing.

Tom Phan: I can summarize him in five words: "Get out of my house." (It's fun making stuff up for his ludicrous house.)

Azcron: His backstory is SO intricate, I frankly sometimes amaze myself.

Metal Jaw: His dedication to Azcron. (It's sometimes frightening!)

The Magic Master: Both versions of him are so mysterious. I also like the design.

Dale: (Needs fleshed out.)

Scott: He can be very snappy and sarcastic at times. (OK, most of the time.)

John: (He's from a children's book I wrote, so there isn't much to him.)

Joshua: His super power is amazing.

Paul: He's from the 1700's. It's great to see his interactions with the other heroes.

Gaster: (Just a name at the moment.)
What is the hardest thing you have about fleshing out the characters?
Names, personalities, and consistency.
What is your favorite thing about each of your OC's?
i honestly projected a lot of my own traits onto both of them and i like that! and i like how their designs turn out. and also , wlw makes me hapy
I'd say getting the initial personality down. After that, thought, character development is easier.
i feel this and yeah trying to come up with a name is also a pain
Do any of your characters have interesting origins in real life (Like why they were made)
the only notable thing is that cilias design came from a set of four random noki designs i doodled in february. lily was designed On The Spot when i drew both of them though

edit: and oh right i found a big ol set of oc intervierw questions on tumblr yesterday or so, so if any yall need it for yours here you go
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What's a fact about your characters that you haven't incorporated into anything yet?

Chroma Key - N/A
Green Flash - She is currently (somewhat) interested in Phongik
Calvin Kennedy - The only reason his heists before Minaz discovered him were successful is due to dumb luck alone
Gianna Mario - N/A
Akari Sakura - N/A
Ezio Adachi - N/A
Madeline Dubois - N/A
Jade Sanchez - She goes commando.
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What is your favorite thing about each of your OC's?
(Since I have a truckload of them, I'll post my list later.)

Really, the favorite thing about my OCs in general is that they express my individuality. No one else in the world hybridizes Nick and Baby Luigi together to make a purple, cynical grouchy fellow who loves music and is a medic. As for each?

Dark Light is very sassy and has a sharp tongue with a witty attitude. Not only is she intelligent, she's very powerful too. I've recently established her as an intersex character and her Simself / human-self now reflects that, mostly because it's inspired from the time I identified as a Baby Luigi character despite being female, so images of Dark Light, despite being just Baby Luigi in gear, is ID'd as female and I was very afraid of social stigma and weirdness that you use female pronouns to describe a Baby Luigi. Now that it's far more socially acceptable, I feel like her being intersex is an amazing compromise and takes nods to that inspiration. I also got educated on intersexuals for research on how she should be. She's also the definition of a good cop and she sets a positive example on how police officers should act like.

Redshift is very calm, sophisticated, sweet, and collected (I enjoy writing his speaking roles as him), and his creation has made me have an increased appreciation of Spanish culture. His development has contributed to me making a firm distinguish between Spanish and Mexican culture such as learning the differences in musical styles between something in Latin America and something in Spain. I also learned how diverse the Iberian peninsula is and about how Andalusia is a significant portion and is where a lot of Spanish stereotypes came from. I also learned they have a later schedule too.

Ray Trace's conception led to me being a giant Russophile, which in of itself gave me a huge appreciation for Russian culture and I even learned the Cyrillic alphabet and some Russian phrases because of this! I also read further into the Russian culture in order to learn how to portray him more realistically, such as remembering to NEVER give Ray Trace even-numbered yellow flowers and that he prefers to drink tea and kvass over vodka. As for his personality, I love how light-heated and comedic Ray Trace is, his stupidity is charming and it lends him to have a comedic dialogue, and I feel like he always knows how to be funny even in bad times. It's very fun to write deprecating stuff about him because he has a ridiculous sense of ego and pride so taking him down a notch is never not entertaining because he never takes it too personally.

Bluminescence was part of a culture I'm already familiar with, so not too much research was needed for him. What I do like about him is his tendency to be positive and cheerful. Every time I write his dialogue, I always interpret him from a positive angle, him always making light of the worst situations, and despite him being an adult, he embraces his childish side without much shame. I also like his fat, rotund. stubby portrayal: fat people get too much negative stereotypes about them, so I think having a gentle and very sweet fat person who also doesn't exhibit typical fat stereotypes like being a selfish glutton is a nice change of pace. He's easily the cutest of the Protectors because of his childish nature, and I have specifically designed him to be a little bit on the cute side compared to the rest of the cast (such as smaller nose and chubbier cheeks), though my general cast can be considered cute and would all fit as chibi forms.

Ultra Violet stemmed from the fact that I was a huge Left 4 Dead 2 fan, and the Protectors were pretty much born from the dub languages of Left 4 Dead 2. He is more explicit of it, and he retains some of his personality from Nick in Left 4 Dead 2, in that he is grouchy and snide, but he can have pretty dry wit at times, and this wit and cynical attitude can be very funny. I also like how he's a foil to the more positive members of the group and additionally a foil to Dark Light herself by being a bit disobedient and having a gloomier backstory than the rest. I like his constantly scowling facial expression, it instantly communicates his personality to someone who doesn't know him.

And finally, Kontrast. Oh he is funny to make fun of. I apologize on his behalf but his short temper makes him easy pickings to troll him. LJS knew it was funny to torment him a bit, and I already knew this. He's very exaggerated in his hot-headed personality, but I like how despite that he's quick to anger, that doesn't necessarily make him a bad or evil person: he's well-intentioned. He may be one of the most flawed characters in my group, personality-wise and not because of a traumatic backstory or serious deep-rooted criminal guilt anything: he's considered unattractive, he gets very angry very easily, he's not too charismatic, he's not too committed, he's forgetful, he's uncoordinated, and all of those flaws I think make him more human, and despite these flaws, the rest of the group members still like him and want the best out of him, and it makes his successes more satisfying and he needs to learn how to cooperate with his friends.

What is the hardest thing you have about fleshing out the characters?


This is one of the very first sketches I had of the Protectors. At that time, they had only a base, rough personality and nothing truly developed yet, and as you can see, stereotypes of their nationalities were heavily prominent. Oh and they were still Dark Light recolors at the time. This was sketched all the way back in 2016 wow.

I think realizing that fleshing the characters out takes time, first to develop an idea, and then to run along the idea, trying to find a good balance between bland and overly exaggerated is the most difficult part, while coming up with a personality was a bit on the simple side really (though you could argue making something like Redshift claustrophobic, something he didn't have in his original inception, is considered developing his personality). Like, say, introducing fishing as a hobby to Redshift: I want to make him enjoy it, but not make him one-note about it. For interests, some research is also needed in the subject too such as Dark Light's job being a police officer and what is to be expected from an average audience when she performs her role. Simifying the characters helped me even expand their identities and gave them hobbies: for example my idea of Kontrast being an exerciser or Phongik (part of my extended cast) being a neat freak came from The Sims.

My characters are also from different nationalities and cultures, so I also need to research some attitudes and quirks too to make a character feel more like they're from there, while also avoiding exaggerated stereotypes. Redshift is Spanish, and when I first created him, I immediately fell into a common American pitfall where he appropriates Mexican culture (he talked about salsa con queso at one point as well Ultra Violet mocking him by putting on a sombrero and playing mariachi). He and Ray Trace would also randomly inject words from their first language in their sentences which is often done to remind audiences of their nationality, but it's not very realistic and it's also very ludicrous for someone like Redshift calling someone an "amigo" rather than "friend" or Ray Trace relapsing into his original Russian mid-sentence while talking to an English speaker even though he speaks it otherwise like a native speaker. These type of nuances and balances aren't easy to grasp and write.

It was also difficult finding new designs for them after I didn't like relying on color to distinguish them, though it was difficult to convince myself to change with an established design, but I felt like I had to do it sooner or later. While Ray Trace and Kontrast had new designs by then, it wasn't until 2018 that I established the team's current design and used Ray Trace's and Kontrast's newer look.


And that was probably the best idea I got for them, it gave them much more personality and individuality. I adhered with the whole military uniform schtick that Ray Trace got because it was a unifying theme across them.

Man, I started talking of their history but I say that developing the Protectors is a constant creative effort and I'm still learning and still expanding them to this day.

Do any of your characters have interesting origins in real life (Like why they were made)

Well I've talked about it here, but I've dealt with it in great lengths in my ask thread. Here are links to said posts. I have it bookmarked because I've been asked about their origins time and time again.

I've told my story of them before when describing why Dark Light is the best Protector but I suppose I could ramble about it again. If we want to talk about the Protectors, we have to talk about Dark Light and her origins.

Dark Light first originated as a Black and Gray-recolored Baby Luigi all the way back in 2010 I believe in a random sprite sheet. She didn't have a real identity, personality, nor a name at the point, and I eventually adopted that coloration as a persona as mine: because of that, she was simply known as "BabyLuigiOnFire" and I didn't consider her a separate character but rather just a fictionalized representation of myself.

I would love to!

What's a fact about your characters that you haven't incorporated into anything yet?

Dark Light had hints of her intersexuality in the Car Wash roleplay where she was reminiscing it during her outings as a police officer. I'm waiting for the opportunity to present itself, but my plans for that are related to the stork finding out her initial gender and notifying her parents and what they should do about it. My character back stories and families in general I'd like to explore in at some point though I don't know how to do this in an interesting roleplay format unless the characters go in an expedition through memories but I need to figure out how they get there in the first place. I'd like my backstories to be a little bit than just a character talking his memories to another.
Do any of your characters have interesting origins in real life (Like why they were made)
I really, REALLY love cats, so I started drafting a character that was a cat. That was back in 2017-2018. Then, he started taking different forms, like a Pac-Man-like character and a Rayman-like character. Ultimately, all of them were scrapped (except for the Rayman-like, which ended up being Pramai). I was really struggling to get him right, but then came Christmas 2019. I bought Sonic Lost World and beat it, and it got me in touch with the Sonic universe again. I noticed how they were all two-legged animals, so from mid-2020 to fall 2020 I came up with various ideas. The Sonic movie also helped shape Blitz. It's funny to see how Sonic also inspired Mija.

Around that time, too, my brother was playing Breath of the Wild, and I liked some of Link's costumes, so they also helped shape Blitz. So finally, the 10th (?) of October 2020, I came up with Blitz' final design, until I redesigned him 3 times, but those were just to make him look better.

His abilities are inspired by other stuff. The mechanic where Blitz can change the Element of his arm using an Element Circle comes from the Lego Harry Potter games, and some inspiration from Geometry Dash's Shards of Power and Lost Gauntlets too. The wings come from Minecraft's Elytra, which I love gliding with, so that seemed like a must to me. His agility and mobility is comparable to Tracer from Overwatch, a game I used to play a lot. All element's inspirations come from:
Fire: Fire spells from Spellbreaker
Water: Orcane from Rivals of Aether
Grass: Leafeon from Pokémon
Thunder: Sora's Thunder in SSF2
Wind: A power-up idea of mine for Mario which could use wind, clouds and tornadoes
Venom: Piranha Creepers and Poison Piranha Plants
The Cosmic Powers are mainly original, but they're mainly there because I love space.

The clothing is also varied. As I said, from his legs to his feet, his clothing was inspired by Link's. The belt was inspired by Mii Swordfighter, the purple jacket was inspired by Wolf's jacket and the red scarf comes from a design of mine for Raccon Mario which also gave Mario a scarf. The grey sweater is there because I have a grey sweater like that IRL and it's super cozy. The blue-to-purple-to-pink gradient is my favorite color, so I had to put it all over him. Finally, his hair is based off mine.

...I think I got a little to excited with that, but anyway, that's Blitz' inspiration. (I can't believe it took me almost 4 years to get him just right)

Also if you ask yourself why I wanted Mija to be his girlfriend is because I wanted his life to turn 180 degrees after the Halloween party, for me it was looking like after the party Blitz would turn into a companion for Mija of sorts but Mija threw that out of the table after the fight against the demon. Thanks @Mija =)

okay so yeah that's all of blitz' inspirations
Oooooh, I get the question now!

I first got the idea for Chroma Key once I realized how much I loved the Protectors. Though, since I had a bit of trouble coming up with his personality, so I just made him a more extreme Ray Trace.

Next up is Green Flash. I had a bit of troubles coming up with her "gimmick" (at first, she could speak in binary, but I retconned this as her messing with people), and she was Tsudere instead of Yandere, as I envisioned her being a rival for Chroma Key

(to be continued)
Do any of your characters have interesting origins in real life (Like why they were made)
Literally all of them either resulted because of an RP or for a book. The end.
Noah Knightly
So, this is probably one of my most iconic characters in my opinion.

ORGIN: About the age of seven, I created this little boy that I imagined as myself. I never mentioned him by name, but settled on "Noah".
he first showed up in a comic I made starring him as.... a Jedi I guess? I gave him a lightsaber cause I thought it was a cool weapon, and back then I couldn't draw people that well so I copied pictures of Charlie Browns body.

I some of the later lore, I rift in dimensions breaks and from a armeggedon-type end to a parallel world, out steps Noel, his female counterpart.

What's a fact about your characters that you haven't incorporated into anything yet?
-Mushroom City Car Wash-
Mija- If she's angry enough she's impossible to understand thanks to her accent
Cthina- ???
Boba- Has limited control over ice
Monnu- N/A
Thorrim- N/A
-Mario's house-
Melon- Never lets go of her game cartridge
Edgy Mija- Has razor sharp enhancements for her claws
-World of the Spirits-
Corey- ???
Minaz- Loves white wine
Tyra- ???
Mixia- She is great at baking
Prism- Dislikes sweet things
Sunray- ???
Cosmos (Uchie)- She hasn't played a video game since childhood
Mango (Tiffany)- ???
-Triple Strike Academy-
Jnora- Her horns grow longer when she is enraged
Aluca- She's not a pure angel (She hasn't let anyone know of this)
What are the voice references for your OCs?

Chroma Key - Mario (Walker Boone)
Green Flash - Akko Kagarmi (Little Witch Academia, Japanese Dub)
Calvin Kennedy - Walker Boone's Mario, Downplayed
Gianna Mario - Hat Kid (A Hat in Time)
Akari Sakura - Agent 3 (Yume's Studio)
Ezio Adachi - Myself
Jade Sanchez - Carol Tea (Freedom Planet)
What are the voice references for your OCs?

Chroma Key - Mario (Walker Boone)
Green Flash - Akko Kagarmi (Little Witch Academia, Japanese Dub)
Calvin Kennedy - Walker Boone's Mario, Downplayed
Gianna Mario - Hat Kid (A Hat in Time)
Akari Sakura - Agent 3 (Yume's Studio)
Ezio Adachi - Myself
Jade Sanchez - Carol Tea (Freedom Planet)
Blitz: Myself
Viri: Hermione from Harry Potter
Agnes: Octoling
Demior: Joker from Persona 5
Skye - Myself
What are the voice references for your OCs?

Dark Light: Whoever did the voice for the female white cop in GTA V, specifically the one who doesn't talk about America being the best country ever.
Redshift: Ramón Rocaballera. He voiced Nick in the Spanish dub for Left 4 Dead 2. Him being the announcer for the Spanish dub in Tokyo '64 of Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo Olympic games is the absolute best fucking thing about the game.
Ray Trace: Denis Yuchenkov. He voiced Nick in the Russian dub for Left 4 Dead 2. He's the main host of Главная дорога, some Russian television program in NTV about road safety. Incredible.
Bluminescence: Emmanuel Gradi. He voiced Nick in French dub for Left 4 Dead 2. Voice doesn't suit him that well admittedly, he sounds too mean. I did conceive the voice before the personality but he may need a change.
Ultra Violet: Hugh Dillion. Voice actor for Nick in Left 4 Dead 2. Also is the lead singer of the band Headstones, and that band rocks.
Kontrast: Eric Schaffler. He voiced Nick in German dub for Left 4 Dead 2. He has the best screams out of all the dubs in the game, no contest.
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What dipping sauce do your OCs prefer on their fries/nuggets?