In Which The Masses Answer Magolor04726's Questions About Smash


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for me it doesn't matter. i have a lot of mains who use a variety of different fighting styles, like sonic, byleth, and zelda. however i guess i like brawlers and swordfighters more than other fighters, especially cause it's kinda the case with most heavyweights, and i LOVE heavyweights, despite the fact that none of my top 5 mains are a heavyweight.

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All righty, let's see...

What's your favorite mode that is NOT a regular fight, classic mode, or Story/Campaign mode of some kind?

Well, Smash Tour and Smash Run were a lot of fun, as is Home Run Contest. Multi Man Smash is great, but Cruel Smash is a nightmare.

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Smash Run without a doubt. That they didn't return it for Smash Ultimate is a bit of a let down since Smash Run could've used some expansions like a co-op feature, ability to select and modify the final fight at the end (like, put more time on the map, make it stock, make it flower match/high launch rate match; Kirby Air Ride's City Trail mode, what Smash Run was based on, let you do this).

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I only ever play VS matches but Smash Run is amazing and should have returned.


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since i barely have any smash bros experience outside of ultimate, there aren't a lot of game modes i can talk about, but mob smash is pretty fun. same for stage builder. i'm not that good at making stages but i enjoy playing other people's stages.

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Stage builder for sure. I spent hours making borderline unplayable stages in Brawl as a kid, and now Ultimate has given me even more power. Good luck to anyone who ventures into my custom stage tab.

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I have a biiiiiig question for all of yous. (Or two or three)
In SSB4, what is your favorite custom move combo? And,

Create an entire moveset for someone. Anyone. Literally. Whether or not they're in smash, from a game, or someone in real life, do it.

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In SSB4, what is your favorite custom move combo? And,
idk, all my characters have their own combo but I like Rolling PK Thunder, because it's ridiculously strong, breaks shields, and kills early. CPUs don't know jack on how to counter it too, making it satisfying and reliable to use against them.

Create an entire moveset for someone. Anyone. Literally. Whether or not they're in smash, from a game, or someone in real life, do it.

: Jab
: Dash Attack

: Side Tilt
: Up Tilt
: Down Tilt

: Side Smash
: Up Smash
: Down Smash

: Neutral Aerial
: Forward Aerial
: Back Aerial
: Up Aerial
: Down Aerial

Neutral Special:

Side Special:

Down Special:

Up Special:

You reminded me that I need to work on this character for Super Smash Bros. Crusade. She's not done yet, I still have grabs/throws, final smash, and other auxiliary sprites to make.

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What are your thoughts on the weekend events in SSBU? (Spirit Board and Online Tourney)
I always grab brand new spirits (I've collected every single one in the game), but outside of that, I don't really do either.


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i both like it and don't like it when there's a spirit board event. yeah i get new spirits, but the thing is, since i have every spirit in the game (except the minmin fighter spirit coz i dont have fighters pass 2 yet), i have to do them as quickly as i can or it'll be really hard to get them. i missed some spirit board events a few times, but i eventually got the spirits, which just randomly popped up in the spirit board.

i dont play online so i cant really say anything about tourney events


how about a rousing game of pool
i work friday to sunday and typically never get a chance to play the tourneys

not that it matters much though since they're always filled with bots when I try them

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What are your thoughts on series being represented in Smash that have no fighters? (The Elektroplankton stage, the Shovel Knight Assist Trophy, along with the massive amount of spirits.)
Well, I'm not exactly fond of the stages, (I mean, Pictochat is great, but Elektroplankton is blah.) but I do like seeing other series that don't have fighter reps.

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I still want Stunt Race FX Car.


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it's an snes game that used the super fx chip thingy. it has 2 spirits in the game, but thats about it (its also in nso, so if ya wanna try it go ahead)

anway, i really want shovel knight to be playable, because it would be nice to have at least one playable indie. i think chibi robo deserves more representation in the game, and that's saying much as a guy whos never played a chibi robo game. finally, im not sure if that counts because its technically the mario series, but paper mario needs more representation. it barely has any music in the game and i always wanted him to be playable (yea theres the origami king spirit board but to me that only lowers his chances it doesnt completely deconfirm him)

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I find it a nice callback when Ninty puts in references to its older, more obscure games. In fact, when I first saw the very long list of minor third-party universes represented in Smash, I knew I had to find out more about them.

Really makes you realize how far we've come, no?

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Changing questions (I know this is fast, but just answer both if you haven't answered the first.)
Out of all the characters who are represented in the game all ready but isn't a fighter, who do you want as a fighter most? (Since Spirits don't deconfirm, as I once thought.)
(In no particular order)
King Boo
Paper Mario


(she/her) actual spore creature
no surprise my first choice is rayman
besides that rabbid peach would b neat and i am not entirely ironic about it. theres just No way this is happening but yknow (would prob just have to be a generic rabbid for more moveset variety but have rabbid peach as an alt if they dont ill be mad)

funny enough even soliani joked about it in an ama

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Baby Mario and Baby Luigi riding a Goo Goo Buggy and riding a Stork.