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I had a dream yesterday night that it was her. My dream was correct

Flora Bismarck

Going to be semi active for a while.
Was there any Amiibo announced? I missed the livestream due to me sleeping.


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basic summary:

-Min Min is the fighter, noted that she was the producer's choice
-Comes with Spring Stadium and nearly every music track from Arms, two are new arrangements
-New Mii costumes are Ninjara from Arms, Heihachi from Tekken (returning from 4), Callie and Marie from Splatoon, and of all things, Vault Boy from Fallout
-new rematch thing for spirits
-Joker and Hero amiibo this fall
-update launches a week from today, on June 29

Flora Bismarck

Going to be semi active for a while.
I am not surprised of two Amiibo being released in the fall due to the pandemic.


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As a fan of fallout, vault boy really tickles me.


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Awww Samus and Isabelle is a friendship I didn't know I needed.


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I was right about the character choice. Though Assist trophy stuff would have been nice, Min-Min was the one I predicted and the one I wanted, and I think she was the best choice for an ARMS rep. Also spirit rule is gone, so I really hope Ubisoft lets Rayman become playable.

Also I would be an irresponsible fanboy if I didn't mention these girls getting a sort of playable appearance (I would say for the first time, but I just remembered the Mario Maker costumes):

It's funny how Callie is a brawler, but I guess it fits her use of a roller as that is a physical weapon.

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say I don't know if this is the right thread to post it but I've made a new smash stage. (if you have nintendo switch online) search for smash center and you'll see two identical stages. choose the second one (I've uploaded it a second time because there were some mistakes in the first one) and if you want you can save it. its most fun if you play the stage with four actual players "not CPUs. tell me if you liked it!

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-new rematch thing for spirits
This is amazing because it's a lot easier to test modded spirit fights lol

but also I get to kill Wario-Man's spirit over and over and I wonder if cores can exceed 99 because Wario-Man's core is getting there.

Anyway, the rest of the news is all right. Nothing too spectacular or super surprising. I like the implications of Min-Min: she's a playable rep before a "main protag" (unprecedented), she's previously a spirit (like that "spirits deconfirm" rule has any standing once the post-launch DLC happened), she's the first playable female dlc (Kazooie is not a playable character as much as she is an extension of Banjo), and she's a Chinese fighter so that's good too.