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police Waluigi
Eh, the only indication I see of being a cop is the little round belt (which doesn't even have much holsters and pockets to begin with judging from the silhouette), no silly distinguishing hat or anything.

I could be wrong though. Who the heck would make Waluigi a cop anyway?


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Well this is the same world where babies can drive.


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I also like that they're both being spotlighted at the same time.
Unfortunately, I've already seen discourse on Twitter over this, so it's not going to create peace between the fans.

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Sakurai now when people ask for Waluigi in Smash:

I wonder how long I can keep this unspent ruby record up
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Bus driver Waluigi is a god, and I'm digging that double-decker bus kart, too. I'm just scared I'll spend all my rubies on his pipe only to see them release a better spotlight a week later. Decisions, decisions...


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My interest in this game has ran out early in the last Tour lol. I do want that bus driver Waluigi but unlocking in this game is just too tedious and I have other things I'd rather be doing lol. Wake me up when I can unlock these characters with legitimate set-in-stone tasks instead of RNG and paid currency.

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That's nice though I rather not give much attention to Atlas. Atlas's an asshole who withheld modding tools and doesn't release mods unless you pay and then bitched about how toxic the modding community is. Notice he doesn't release a single piece of his work, just shows them off. While there are those that legitimately say vile words to Atlas and that's not excusable, I still have very little respect for Atlas and anything he does, well, it might as well not have happened.


Gonna admit, I thought you were talking about the company Atlus half way through and was very confused, but now I understand


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I was not expecting GCN Yoshi Circuit R/T to do that.


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Citation needed, but still. Exciting if true. Particularly those top two ones.
RIP my rubies.

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Yup it’s him

Ah, too bad they didn’t keep the SMW design, oh well...

Looks at the bell

Looks intensely at the bell

Despite being an exclusively f2p player, saves 90 rubies for him starting way before he was announced even though that is a meager 20% chance of getting him

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Great. I wanted Bus Driver Waluigi, but I want Pauline even more, especially since I didn't get her the first time around. Rip my rubies either way.