mario kart

  1. J

    Did you ever feel retro when you raced on Delfino Square and Tick Tock Clock when you were playing Mario Kart DS?

    I know these two courses are new (nitro) courses in Mario Kart DS, but playing on these courses made me feel retro in a way because Delfino Square reminded me of Super Mario Sunshine while Tick Tock Clock reminded me of Super Mario 64.
  2. Paper Mario

    Mario Kart Tour Nintendo's apparently making a mobile Mario Kart. Not sure how to feel about that.
  3. B

    Is Traction useful in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

    In MK8DX, there's two types of Traction: on road and off road. On road is the main road you race and and the value is 0.75 regardless of level. Off road is the stuff that slows you down. It has flags like DIRT, SAND and ICE. I've tried different combinations and I can't tell a difference...
  4. CameronL365

    My Dream Mario Kart

    The title pretty much says it all. I'm just gonna list whatever ideas come to mind as to what I want to see in a new Mario Kart installment. More than likely, I'll be updating this page after it's created, so be sure to check back sometime. General Stuff: This game would be designed to cater...
  5. THE END

    Which are your favorite Mario Kart music tracks?

    Title says it. Write your favorite Mario Kart music tracks down here. Example (not mine): TOUR Tokyo Blur 64 Choco Choco Mountain DD!! Dino Dino Jungle Remember to write the game they’re from.