Mario Kart Tour

Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
Even one third of the number of downloads is better than the lifetime sales of Mario Kart Wii, actually.
Well that's a given, considering anyone with a phone can download and play the game whenever they want to, and most people own phones (due to their versatility) rather than needing to own an expensive gaming console specific hardware, the Wii, to play a 60 dollar game.


Always remembering Walkazo
Ten bucks says the macaron kart will be named Macarun.

Maria Renard

Rest in Peace Walkazo 1991-2016
I managed to get Vacation Peach. I grinded a fuckton of rubies to get her. Managed to get her within 30 pulls. That's the only spotlight I was able to get. I couldn't get Pauline or Kimono Peach. Maybe on the next opportunity when they're in a different pipe, I'll get them.

Also it's cool to see Peach with her hair down during gameplay in a Mario Kart game since Mario Kart: Super Circuit!!. I am glad to see it co-exist with the ponytail and the bun from the kimono. I think I could see Peach going back to wearing her hair down in her main dress in the next Mario Kart game along with the ponytail as an option depending on the Kart. The ponytail will always be there for the bikes and ATVs and a Double Dash mode.