Mario Kart Tour (mobile)

Paper Mario


Nintendo's apparently making a mobile Mario Kart.

Not sure how to feel about that.


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It's a mobile game, but Mario Kart

They didn't show off anything substantial so I have basically no expectations for this.

Dr. Mario

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Of course you don't know how to feel, there's nothing about this game yet besides that it exists.

But of course, it doesn't hurt to hope for it to be good.

Paper Mario

I'm not big on mobile gaming but then again it is Mario Kart and I usually enjoy those a lot. Perhaps it will be an exception. Mario Run didn't interest me but that's mainly because it only used one hand. I don't think they can simplify Mario Kart that much without taking away its identity. Hopefully it's a solid entry, though I hope it doesn't kill the chances for an original Mario Kart for Switch.


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There isn't really much that I can comment on since I don't have a smart phone or whatever, but that's cool I guess.


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The name makes it sound like an AR kinda thing, can't wait to look silly chasing after Yoshi, just like I do in the platformers. :yoshi:


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I'm inclined to think that this game has more in common with the Arcade Mario Kart games, what with a straightforward path that keeps things simple. Given that Mario Kart's best known for its multiplayer, I wonder how they are going to implement this, but I have a feeling that it's only a CPU experience since Nintendo's mobile efforts have always been to both differentiate itself from the core experience and to be essentially a lite-version of the core experience.

Thank you for reading.

Dr. Peach

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I for one always had the feeling that there would be a mobile Mario Kart game. So I'm not surprised. I hope this game will also feature bikes like MKWii/MK8/MK8SE or ATVs from MK8/MK8SE. I also hope that it will also have a Double Dash!! mode because I want the 2 people in one kart aspect return. That was the best and my favorite part about Double Dash!!.

Yoshi the SSM

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Wow! Mario Kart for Mobile! Although, it is a year away, but I can wait. I wonder if Nintendo's handheld gaming system is going to be on mobile. Though, I don't know exactly. Whether or not it does, this could guarantee a new MK for Switch using tracks from this game. If not a Switch game, then the next home console.


I'm the prettiest girl you ever met
I just realized, if they continue the tradition for Retro Courses, GBA Rainbow Road might be remade for this one, I guess that's kinda appropriate.

I just hope we keep Paper Mario Bowser's Castle cameo


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Maybe it'll be something you could connect to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

If this app is its own racing game, I really hope it has unique and fun gameplay so it won't end up like those mediocre shovelware mobile racing games you'd usually find on the App/Google Play Stores.


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honsetly i think its gonna be great. i dont have a switch yet and plus its probably gonna be cheaper than mk8dx, so thatd be great to play on my tablet.

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it was inevitable that Mario Kart would come to mobile, but Nintendo surely wouldn't cannibalise their Switch sales by making one of their consistent console best-sellers a free-to-start mobile game of similar quality, they'd obviously rather have their 400$ console in a child's hands than another company's tablet.

picturing this turning out like Mario Run, where youre given one or two starting cups and a limited roster of characters and can buy the whole game outright for like, 10$, but still remain barebones in comparison to MK8D. in the darkest timeline, they really could go the route of the arcade GP games and have you purchase new items and shit with microtransactions, but imagine how much backlash that would get

nintendo will almost definitely give this tilt-control support :yoshi:

Dr. Mario

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I don't think anyone's expect it to be similar quality to the home consoles and other handhelds.

Speaking of other big first party games, how's that Animal Crossing game on mobile?

Yoshi the SSM

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MarioKartGamerDude said:
Do you guys think they’ll make new tracks or just remake some of the old ones?

Either way I’ll be happy!
I kind of wanting both, but if there is only new ones, then I will be fine. I don't really want all old ones. Even if they included the last N64 track. As for the number, I don't care as long as it is at least 4 new tracks. I think a recommendation is the number to at least make it worth buying.


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LeftyGreenMario said:
I don't think anyone's expect it to be similar quality to the home consoles and other handhelds.

Speaking of other big first party games, how's that Animal Crossing game on mobile?
It's worse than Mario Run and it's like a very simplified gameplay loop of Animal Crossing. Basically you have to fulfill the tasks of the campers to upgrade your Friendship level. The more you progress the longer you have to wait to get things done. It was also developed by ND Cube.