1,000,000 things we hate!

Shaggy Rogers

If I had a theme song, I'd be singing it right now
2103: People who look down on me for the same reason.
2104: People who look down on me for my love of memes.
2105: The dreaded Frisk X Sans from Undertale.


Helpful Fairy Digimon
2106: When people play their music without headphones on the bus I take to get home after school’s over for the day. It happens pretty much every day. And I wish it would stop. But, it doesn’t.


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Banned User
2110: Poo
2111: Pee
2112: Existing
2113: My mother
2114: Being ugly ;-;
2115: Mario Kart Tour's difficulty spike
2116: School
2117: Food


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luigiprime??? XD
I mean it gets my point across, I hope.

2122: People who say Kirby was the 'Saviour of Subspace' who single-handedly defeated Tabuu and saved everyone it was clearly a team effort between Luigi, Ness, Dedede, Sonic Bowser AND Kirby