Far-Fetched Suggestions for the next SSB Game...


Have I entered here before?

Ok guys, Ik some of you know that I would like to see Shantae for next smash. She's a Nintendo character, she's fun..

and hey, now that Sans and Cuphead are Mii Outfits, I feel like that not only paves the way for those 2 to become fighters eventually, as did K.Rool.
It also opens the doors to other non-nintendo exclusive indie characters, one's that I'd personally like to see are:

Whether they become playable fighters, stage gimmicks, or assists, idc. It'd be cool to have them in it.
Woody from Neighbours From Hell. Would be nice to have a THQ Nordic rep.

Yeah, not gonna happen, but it's fun thinking about it. Him placing marbles on the floor, making other characters trip, or calling the neighbour's dog with the dog whistle.