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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Finally beat that final boss, it took me like 3 days. Yeah this is a very hard game, and the bosses are particularly brutal. But other than that, it's nearly a perfect game, levels are very well designed, you have 3 partners now (cranky kong kinda sucks to be honest), you can swim now which is cool, good ost, and it combines options from DKCR with its motion control free alternative on the 3ds, I mainly used wiimote+nunchuck, it's just such a well done sequel to DKCR, and it's on the wii u too which is my fav system and has off tv play which is cool. I also really liked how
the final world mirrors DKCR and each level in it is based on the worlds in that game (barring the secret/bonus ones and the final boss)

However I kinda wish it had 8 worlds like DKCR whereas it only has 6

Definitely worth playing if you've not already, I haven't played the switch version but I don't think it's worth the extra price that if you have a wii u


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Kaizo Last Of Us. Oh excuse me. “The Last Of Us Part II.” Because this game was clearly a follow up to the amazing first game and not at all a fan game.

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Super Mario RPG - A game that I liked even more than I did a couple years ago. It really has that final fantasy "feel" to it, and I felt that way even before playing a single mainline Final Fantasy game. It has that fast pace to it, nice music, and weird elements to it that also adds to the charm. It can be a bit confusing to platform due to the perspective. Before I thought it was just good, now I think it probably might be in my top 5 Mario RPGs.

Paper Mario N64 Master Quest Jr. - It is basically a hard mode version of Paper Mario on N64. (Jr. was a more "reasonable" hard mode, while the regular Master Quest is supposed to be super difficult). The game was a challenge, but I nearly gave up at the Huff and Puff fight considering that was arguably the hardest boss in the original game and here it was even more difficult. Your partner will get hit way more often here than in the original game. Choosing the right badges and timing the action commands to defend yourself is important. They also expanded a few new areas in this game.

I think the original game is probably up there as one of the best Mario RPGs. TTYD is probably still my favorite Mario RPG, but I admit that this one has less "intentionally annoying" parts to it.

I guess next, I'll probably replay TTYD and SPM (IDK about the later 3 PM games), and then replay the Mario & Luigi series. (Probably even Paper Jam, since I never finished that one). There's also a new romhack coming out in the future that's going to add mechanics from TTYD, so I'm excited to see how that will turn out. And there's also other games that I would like to play too.