I just beat __

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Well, last night I beat some of Sonic Generations, if that counts. I don't have many games to play that I haven't beaten yet, but I probably will at Christmas.


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Finished Title Defense mode in Punch-Out!!, and have unlocked Donkey Kong and Champions Mode in Mac's Last Stand. Retired after having a 40-3 career.


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TLOZ:OoT3D Water Temple.
Beat Generator Rex: Agent Of Providence the other day as well. Best TV tie-in I've played for a long time.


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Well this thread was supposed to be about beating an entire game but I guess this is okay.

I beat Mega Man 4 and 5 today.


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Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (its only flaw is not including the stages of the MM2 Robot Masters)


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In Punch-Out!!, I was able to KO (and TKO) Donkey Kong without getting knocked down, and without using any instant knockdown techniques.


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They weren't kidding about it being short, but that's completely fine with me because the scoring makes it very replayable. I suspect the long credits might get tedious on subsequent playthroughs, though.