What do these two things on the wiki have in common?


I got: Undergrunt.

I honestly have no idea what a front gate and a mole have in common. Maybe they can both be thwarted?

Mario/Luigi can Ground Pound near an Undergrunt to stun it and make it vulnerable to attack.

Gooigi can slip through the gate and open it up from the other side, allowing Luigi to get past it.
I got: Picky Eater

Once again there is a timer! They also involve fish in some way. The characters have eyewear (at least in the case of Warioware: Twisted!'s).

EDIT: to clarify the eyewear, the main character of the microgame has glasses (at least in Warioware: Twisted!), and Victor has goggles.
I got something I know nothing about: Bobo.

I don't know how to compare this bird to a countdown timer. I guess I can say they're both bad to the player? They also both have the color yellow in some way.
I got the Devil World microgame from Warioware: Get It Together! No link sorry :(

I guess both have spiritual things, like ghosts and devils?