Design of WaPeach revealed by Waluigi's creator

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I always figured she'd be to Cruella de Vil what Waluigi was to Dick Dastardly. Instead, we get someone who looks like she'd have some connection or another to Ashley.
Nintendo were such cowards for rejecting this.

'Didn't want to look like they were just copying Yatterman' WHO CARES tons of characters in Japanese culture are based off the villains from Yatterman.
This looks so cute! Why would Nintendo reject something like this? The eyes look nice, and the clothes have a distinct style that I've never seen before. If she got through, I bet she would've been one of my mains easily.

And it's not just Nintendo that's doing this. A former Sega employee just revealed a scrapped Spider design as well as a bat design that may have been turned into Rouge for SA2. But some of these just look so good, it makes me sad they didn't make the cut.
Potato, huh. I wonder if there was intended to be some kind of relation to Professor E. Gadd with them sharing those very distinct glasses, or perhaps they just share the same optometrists prescription.
I think this overplayed "dark version of character" trope would have spread too far in the Mario series and I'm glad Nintendo kept it in check, whether that was their actual reason for it or not.

Mario having an evil version of himself was a matter of course. He's basically a superstar both out and in his fictional universe, so he'd obviously end up attracting vain imitators (and what we got was executed superbly).

Waluigi was created more out of a gameplay necessity, but I can tolerate the concept. Though, he would have been more interesting if Nintendo went through with his designer's original vision, that is to make him this sharp-toothed, cruel, unrepentant, atrocious monster and professional son of a gun who lives to do bad stuff like how Wario lives for money.

Carrying their torch further with Walpeach would've been unwarranted, nevermind that her design needed some work to become proof of concept imo. Interesting piece of history, though, but not every single character in Miyamoto's holy garden needs a bizarro counterpart.
Nah imo it was good call to reject this
Eh, it just looks like a weird peach in a costume. It lacks the more distinct aspects Wario has that makes him stand out from Mario.

Nothing of value was lost.
I saw someone point out that she kinda fits the description of "the anti-peach", what with looking much brattier and overall less regal in comparison, what with the more gothic-styled clothing, and I found that it really made the design work for me
I think the design is good on it's own, but I'd prefer that if the Mario roster added a new female character, they design someone that looks a little less derivative. It seems that most mainline human female Mario characters are inspired by Princess Peach in some way, who was inspired by the original design for Pauline in Donkey Kong.
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I think making a Wapeach attractive and cute completely misses the point of a Wa character. Her character design is boring, we've seen something like this a billion times, especially when our female Mario cast line-up isn't all that good either.
I don't think there's a a satisfactory approach to making this character stand out from our current disappointing lineup. I'd rather we get a better lineup of female human characters in general. Her being a little girl DOES work in her favor but I'd like to see more body, ability (no one in a wheelchair??), different face (has there ever been any characters from ANY media wearing retainers for instance lol), skin color (there are virtually no named black characters at all in Mario even counting Mario Tennis humans) and age variety (middle aged women? elder people?), AND I don't want to see different faces be confined to villains and whatnot either. And we need some big-nosed ones. Also I wouldn't discount nonhuman ones too.

Then once that's set THEN we can probably discuss a good way to make this character IMO. Diversify the good ones, then diversity her.
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I kind of like it, but at the same time it doesn't feel "Wa" enough. She looks more like "Hot Topic Peach".

Personally I feel that both Captain Syrup, and Mona make better "Wapeaches" then the design that we see here.
She looks kind of like Baby Peach to me.
Bit late to this but as funny as a lil girl with an axe for a weapon would be, I'm glad this was shot down. I really don't like the idea of Wario and Waluigi having a boss or being henchman to some higher authority. Part of their appeal to me is that they're rebels who march to their own drums and WaPeach's inclusion woulda detracted from that.