Mario vs Donkey Kong Switch

The Minis games are good. Might not be everyone's cup of tea but they're underrated games.
Yeah, just cause there isn't tons of variety between the games doesn't mean the games weren't good to begin with
I Disagree. . .

Mario Does NOT need a Lemmings game; I Can't stand how the Mini-Marios are so ****ing Helpless
You're right, we should be giving the Minis guns and molotov cocktails and stuff and teaching them self defense and how to jump so they can rescue themselves
I tried out the demo and thought it was alright. I've played the original GBA game (though I've never completed it), but like the Super Mario RPG remake, this is very faithful to the original. I really enjoyed the jazz-style soundtrack when I played through the demo, I'm definitely gonna listen to it all once the game comes out.
maybe i just didn't test it out too well, but it seems mario no longer gets stunned/killed by long falls and i don't know how to feel about that. it didn't impact the gameplay a whole lot, but it was funny.
He still gets stunned, but you have to fall from a height that would've killed you in the original game. The original height to stun you is now harmless. There wasn't enough height to test if there is still a possibility to die, but the animation of Mario landing on his head IS in the files.