Mario vs Donkey Kong Switch

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I would have rather had a new game in this style but that's my bias because I just played the original a few months ago. Still looks fun for those interested


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I hope this game sells very well, because I would love for the DK-styled Mario platformer to return! I know some think that the Super Mario platformers already filled the "Mario platformer" quota (basically a similar justification for saying Mario & Luigi already filled the RPG quota so Paper Mario should do something else), but I personally like and sometimes prefer Mario's original gameplay from the arcade Donkey Kong. As a bonus, it doesn't feature Bowser as the villain this time! Even Donkey Kong as a villain is a breath of fresh air because Bowser is so frequently used.

Besides co-op like they've shown, I have a feeling that a level editor might be added for this game since pre-release versions of this game had a level editor, but I am unsure about it going the extra mile in the same way the Link's Awakening remake did.

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Well that game is also successor to the original GB Donkey Kong.

You can also find Mario viscerally burning in that one.