Things you don't like in games you otherwise like

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No video game is inherently perfect. Talk about some stuff you don't like in games you otherwise have nothing but showering praise for. Whether it's bad levels, badly written characters, bad game mechanics, all that fun stuff.


(i love these little save album photos amazing)

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time suffers from its linear, level-oriented gameplay as opposed to the more exploration, connected worlds from Superstar Saga, and I think it's the most major contributing factor to why it hasn't been as widely received as, say Superstar Saga or Bowser's Inside Story. Instead of taking advantage of the past/present mechanic, you're sorta just stuck in Peach's Castle in the present and you just use portals to warp to places in the past, all segregated from each other. You don't get to see the subtle changes between, say, Toadwood Forest in the present as compared to what it looked like in the past. Even Baby Bowser's Castle in the world map does not change at all, retaining Baby Bowser's face in the present. This just makes the world feel more spaced out and disjointed from each other rather than part of an organic environment. I really think they wanted to spend more time in the game because Partners in Time is the only game in the series that suffers from that type of level design and overall level segregation and there could have been a lot more done with it; there were ideas here and there such as the Younger E. Gadd but they were sparse.

Another bad thing about Partners in Time is how I cannot switch the order of the bros. Booooo, I want Baby Luigi to lead. I know it's more in-character for Baby Mario to do the leading but I want to whack stuff as Baby Luigi too!

Bros. Items in addition trivialized the game, they were far too broken and badges that let you use them infinitely such as the Ulti-Free badge made them even more busted than they should be. They're way too easy and cheap to get and they're too over-centralizing in the game.

That final boss minigame before you fight Princess Shroob, I hate it, it feels clunky and awful to play, and it's easy to get a game over from failing it. They should have just cut that portion from the game entirely, an epic spaceship battle should have been a lot more awesome than whatever the hell I'm playing here. I also feel like the Shrowser boss fight was phoned in, it's pretty much put in as a joke?
tropical freeze final boss just isnt great. not really fun compared to all the other bosses and is tedious, even worse on hard mode, even the music is kind of annoying even though i love the other two rock boss themes in the game and just generally like rock otherwise. this one just got grating to listen to
the other dkc final bosses were better
also shoal atoll was kind of stressful but these are the only two bad levels in the game lmao

of course some moons in odyssey are utter piss. still 100% the game several times though

ubisoft being responsible for mario rabbdis now i dont feel like i can really enjoy it. as for the actual game mechanics these uhhhh hhh smuggler enemies in the dlc are incredible annoying and their ultimate challenge is even worse like why did i have to look up a video beating the whole thing just to survive it
Most of super Mario world's underground levels (i.e. donut plains 2) are boring, especially the ones that have an auto scroll.
Super Paper Mario's difficulty is generally way too easy, and Chapter 2-3 and 5-1's puzzles are awfully designed if you do them the intended way (and trivialize the stage if you use a guide to get the code). Bonechill is the most anticlimactic boss ever due to the low ceiling trivializing any challenge the fight may have had (in addition to combat already being inherently unchallenging in the game). Also as much as I love SPM to death, I believe it would have been a much better game if gameplay-wise it continued on the path of the two previous games.

TTYD has some annoying backtracking in chapter 4 (though the chapter is still overall my favorite due to the creative scenario and story) and an INCREDIBLY stupid wild goose chase in the beginning of chapter 7. Which is otherwise one of the best chapters once you get to the X-Naut base. Gotta balance it out i guess.

Superstar Saga's Peach escort mission is a huge sour spot in an otherwise fantastic game.

Fawful dies in Bowser's Inside Story. Also the train fight and nose minigame are fucking stupid.

Mario Kart DS has ugly character models and honestly would have looked better if using sprites, MK64 style. Also some of the missions (goated mode btw) are annoyingly strict with their three-star rankings. Some of them legit I can do what feels like a flawless run and get only one or two stars.

Super Mario 64's physics haven't aged quite so well in places.

Super Mario Maker 2 cut Mystery Mushrooms and Weird Mario and that's literally just a flat out negative, they had no good reason to do that. They added multiple playable characters but couldn't be bothered to include Peach. Also in multiplayer versus you unfortunately have a random chance of being assigned Toad
Screen shaking to indicate damage in the 3D platformers.

I don't have motion sickness or anything, but I've been playing Sunshine and I find them to be rather obnoxious when I'm in a continuous hurting chain. It's not like the sounds and health meter display aren't enough to tell me that I'm getting hurt.
I agree with everything FTG64 said minus the bit about Mario Kart DS as I've never played that game (I'm not really a mario kart fan)

I also sorta wish the cutscenes in the Mario RPG games were skippable

I like both Galaxy games but I feel they're a bit easy (first one especially) as is 3D World, 3D Land, and Odyssey I guess. Mario Odyssey is also a bit too short to beat the main story and searching the worlds for every last moon post game isn't quite so fun, plus the fact that many moons only unlock after beating the main story means that it doesn't make sense to try to explore them before beating the main story. 3D Land was also lacking in original characters/species/enemies

Mario Party 9 and 10 are too luck based and have a few bad mini games (like Mecha Choice and Fruit Cahoots) and also lack original characters like mario party 6 had

The original mario maker game on the wii u was annoying with how you had to unlock everything and only 10 level uploads for me wasn't a lot
Odyssey has a couple annoying moons, I think the jump rope and volleyball are the obious ones, though I also find the images that served as hints to other extremely hidden power moons to be way too cryptic, and just ended up using a guide for most of them.
I don't like Seaside Kingdom that much either, the swimming controls are kind of lame, it's fairly big yet overall most of it looks the same, and actively gives you many opportunities to avoid the water, despite most of the moons being down there. I really didn't enjoy it that much.

Mario Kart Wii is flawless and perfect, I literally can not think of anything I want to complain about. Amazing video game.
I know I'm not the first person to bitch about this but the camera in Mario 64 sucks eggs. I know it was because of the limited C-buttons (which is it's own can of worms that I'm not gonna open) but seriously, the camera screws me over way more than it should.
All the N64 Mario game's graphics always irked me, even when it was the new thing. Like, SNES is SMOOTH and CRISP. And then we're given, oh, 3D! But.. it's.. distorted polygons, and shakey camera.. Fun.
Otherwise, Mario Party 3 is a perfectly good multiplayer game. Oh, right, single player story mode is very very frustrating when so much of it is by chance. And they want me to beat it with every character? ORLY? I'm lucky to beat it ONCE!
The stairs in Luigi's Mansion Dark moon, until I had figured out how they worked they were by far the most irritating part in the game.
The soundtrack of every New Super Mario Bros. game after the first two. Seriously the soundtrack is something that bugs me a ton. A brand new original soundtrack helps a lot with making something feel uh... "New" yeah. Instead, every New Super Mario Bros. game just reuses the same soundtrack or just shoves in a ton of "Bahs" and it's so dumb.
Besides the soundtrack though and maybe the visuals, the New games are pretty good. They've got a lot of well designed levels that aren't appreciated as much as they should be.
Two words: Thunder Cloud

I'll extend that and say that all three of the new items in the game weren't really that good. Obviously there's one of two items in the series you don't want (coin also sucks), but I feel the other two just feel like worse versions of other items, with nothing else to them. The POW is particularly bad, as I'd say is a far worse version of Lightning. It doesn't shrink players, has a fairly long tell before it happens, and can easily be avoided by pressing up on the d-pad. You don't even need an item to avoid it, you can just press a button and it doesn't work. Mega Mushroom still has plenty of use, so I won't really complain.
Mega Mushroom still has plenty of use, so I won't really complain.
Its only use, falling off while giant and hearing giant characters making low-pitched yelling noises while that dumb music is playing (and it gets hilariously pitch-shifted if other people using it are near you), makes it automatically better than most items in the Mario Kart series 😄
I love Sunshine.......but when the camera pans or zooms by itself, it drives me insane.......and the sand bird......for some reason I just cannot see the rotation properly and I just fall off/miss the hover. I suppose the second one is more on me. But the camera thing.....ugh.
Mario Kart Wii couldn't let you play multiplayer grand prix so one of us had to sit out while we unlocked stuff. It also has some of the stupidest unlock requirements. Race literally thousands of times or clear all cups with a star in the milquetoast 100cc mode to unlock Bowser Jr. Wow which route do you guys want to take. That sort of unlock requirement would've made Mario Kart Tour, famous for its repetitive sloggy progression, blush.

Also there should never be unlocks tied to Pause and Restart Simulator I mean Time Trials and Mario Kart Wii is unabashed in those unlocks.

Mario Kart Wii's battle mode is ass for forcing you in teams and also putting the Spiny Shell in there, and also in multiplayer the NPCs are mute despite vocalizing like normal during multiplayer races. Why?

Also Mario Kart Wii's online is garbage and would've benefited from bot racers and whatnot, but this issue isn't limited to Mario Kart Wii.

I like Mario Kart Wii.
Mario Kart Wii is also a visually ugly game but hey 60 fps
You can also race 11 Warios and when you bump into them they say "WAH".

This is one of the many reasons I like Mario Kart Wii.

You can also wheelie even if you're off track bounds and have to respawn. Sometimes your character makes a failed wheelie noise before they teleport. So you have Mario going like "YOWOWOWOWOWO" and then he's going "uh-oh!" and then he respawns.
Well, if we're talking about Mario Kart Wii:

•I've never liked how most of the final lap themes cut out the intros and start at a different point than the normal music. Toad's Factory, SNES Ghost Valley 2, and N64 DK's Jungle Parkway are the only courses with final lap themes that don't cut out the intro.

•In multiplayer, every time that a human player starts their final lap, the course's music stops and you have to hear the final lap jingle again. In other games, the music keeps playing when trailing players start their final lap.

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Mario Kart 7's local multiplayer is still poop. It has all of the same restrictions as online play such as not being able to pause the game, timers everywhere that force you to move on, not being able to go back to a previous menu screen to refresh the CPU characters, being limited to just 4 races or battles...

(Note that Mario Kart DS, an older game on an older console, had far better local multiplayer with none of those problems)
Luigi's mansion 3 despite how good of a game it is, certainly has its flaws. One the biggest ones being the combat. While its certainly a lot more faster than Dark moon, it feels way too oversimplified. essentially its summed up to "Mash the A button" when the meter's filled up. which may sound like a challenge on paper but with how fast fills up combined with the little ghost variety the game has, it just ends up becoming stale and repetitive.
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Well, if we're talking about Mario Kart Wii:

Hot take (probably): MKWii needed more balance and more competitive variety than just Funky Kong/Flame Runner or the Daisy/Mach Bike combos
I like Super Mario Galaxy, but there are quite a bit of levels in the game that prevent me from replaying it again. Some of them are Slingpod Galaxy, the Battlerock purple coins, Luigi's Purple Coins...just purple coins in general. I really dread going back to those levels, preventing me from revisiting the game in the future.

For Super Mario 64 DS, backtracking to swap out a character in that room is really bad and outdated game design, nowadays you should swap out characters with menus or a click of a button. They tried to augment this by placing caps around the level but you still had to travel to the location to get it. No, I'm not playing as Yoshi either, I don't understand why Yoshi is the only character who gets a cap selection at the beginning of every level when it should apply to all characters, plus, other characters should be able to turn into Yoshi themselves. Luigi also broke the game in half but hey, he's like an easy mode character and I didn't mind breaking the game as him, Wario is the hard mode character lol. I also remember struggling to collect all 150 Power Stars in the game and trying to crumb through levels to check what star I missed ("secret stars" is so vague it could practically mean any level anywhere you're missing them) and that was a pain in the ass.
On the other hand, those annoying factors aren't enough to discourage me from playing Super Mario 64 DS in the future. Unlike the irritations in Galaxy.
Keep in mind that this thread is for Mario games, otherwise you'd see me ranting about how jockeys are a pain in the ass to deal with in Left 4 Dead 2.