Things you don't like in games you otherwise like

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a fantastic game and should be gold standard for fighting games, filled with content and just has so much crap crammed for 60 bucks. But its unlock requirements are hogwash, extremely repetitive and tedious. I had to use saves to bypass the process of unlocking crap and I will do this in the future if I ever have to play this on emulator once legacy content becomes more and more difficult to play.
Like Zelen said the Tropical Freeze final boss kinda has moments of stinking to the point of making skunk spray smell inoffensive, especially when you're already doomed by its jump attack even when trying to move out of the way.
Though the only other aspect I'd mention I dislike in the game are the Rocket Barrel sections in terms of getting all the bananas for a puzzle piece because of how slippery the controls are.

The rest of the game is good, though