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edit: this is my tierlist of angry birds characters yeah but the pigs werent in what i was usin so theyre not there and this tier list didnt even entirely end up being birds whoops. if the pigs were there i could lump uh Most pigs into the "also great" tier
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Racing Game Tier List
S Tier
Forza Horizon 4
Pros: Amazing graphics, expansive and immersive open world, tons of licensed cars, extremely customizable including multiple settings, car tuning, and how to design the car, amazing sense of speed and driving, lots of single player content, great soundtrack, option to play events cooperatively with friends
Cons: Integrated online features such as requiring a Microsoft account, defaulting to seeing others online who break immersion, the wheelspin, can be prone to crashing, not moddable

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Pros: Airplane flying, boat driving, Danica Patrick/Total War/Company of Heroes character playable, amazing, memorable courses, decent single player, challenging, great sense of speed, great variety of items, most single player content can also be played cooperatively in multiplayer
Cons: Buggy, very difficult and potentially frustrating AI, cars cannot be customized other than very basic under-the-hood upgrades, not moddable

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart
Pros: Extremely moddable, practically any character you like can be playable as you can sprite them yourself plus having an extensive modding community, diverse amount of tracks, great battle mode, great sense of speed, free, decently customizable settings such as item swaps, racing laps, and how many balloons you start with in battle mode
Cons: Incomplete game as it lacks AI without mods with barren single player content and content is subject to the quality of the community and authors designing it.

Mario Kart 8/Deluxe
Pros: Easy driving with great controls, decent customization with enough car parts, Baby Luigi playable, memorable tracks, great and addicting battle modes of the racing games especially balloon battle, decently moddable, decent graphics, decent soundtrack, grand prix being able to play with multiple players
Cons: Lackluster sense of speed if driven in anything lower than 200cc, barren if practically nonexistent settings customizations, barebones singleplayer content, karts are not as customizable as i like them as there are no paint jobs, anti-gravity does not add much to the game

Burnout Paradise
Pros: Exhilarating sense of speed, hugely varied soundtrack, loading screen free, many cars to unlock, dazzling car wreck animations
Cons: Whacked up menu navigation, is published by EA, open world mission structure starts to get repetitive after a while

A Tier
Beetle Adventure Racing
Pros: Highly detailed tracks, great sense of speed, great graphics for the N64 era, Beetle is decently customizable
Cons: Only a few tracks, lackluster single player content, and its age is a culprit of many limited content such as beetle customization being limited to body jobs and paint (still better than Mario Kart 64 though!)

Pros: Great integration of Mario Kart-like items into licensed cars, amazing sense of speed, decent single player content, good number of playable cars
Cons: Haven't played enough of it...some cars aren't customizable, it's published by Activision who killed the studio, its commercials, unavailable on most platforms including Steam, GOG, etc so it's considered abandonware, not moddable

Mario Kart Wii
Pros: Baby Luigi playable, extremely moddable with an expansive community behind it, bikes
Cons: Outdated, severely unbalanced, barren single player content, practically uncustomizable, terrible battle mode, terrible graphics, no multiplayer grand prix the mode you play to unlock stuff to begin with

Diddy Kong Racing
Pros: Robust single player content, fun overworld playground, planes and hovercrafts, customization in the form of magic codes (though unwieldly), amazing soundtrack, moddable to an extent
Cons: Lots of it attributed to its age, every race feels the same, single player can feel repetitive

B Tier
Kirby Air Ride
Pros: City Trial is addicting and fun and unique to the genre, legendary machines!, intuitive and amazing unique controls, great soundtrack, and robust single player content
Cons: Racing is fairly subpar for the genre despite being unique, Air Ride and Top Ride are grossly overshadowed by City Trial, extremely unbalanced vehicles, customization is just passable with settings and changing Kirby color

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Pros: Nice sense of speed for a Mario Kart game if played on 150cc, physics unique to the series, special items, Baby Luigi playable, emulation expands upon customization options with its rich library of cheat codes, customization is much better than prior Mario Kart titles
Cons: Bad graphics, annoying AI decisions, barren single player content, the two-characters-per-kart mechanic adds very little to the game and less than advertised, somewhat slippery controls, battle mode restricted to multiplayer

Team Sonic Racing
Pros: Same great sense of speed and racing as with other Sumo Digital games, decently challenging, decently passable single player content, team mechanics are very well-integrated, expanded customization compared to Transformed
Cons: Very limited roster, dropped support early, and is only fun when playing with friends as the game is dependent on your team's positions and AI is not reliable

Sonic & All-Stars Racing
Pros: First Sonic racing game developed by Sumo, still the same fun racing mechanics
Cons: Overshadowed by Transformed, for the most part, aside from a few content specific to this game, not playable in multiplayer

Pros: Indie 2D platformer racing game, good variety of characters to pick from, moddable, items are fun and very Mario Kart-like, game is fast-paced, fun swinging mechanic
Cons: Some annoying online integration, game is indie so it's smaller scaled than other titles and thus has less content

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
Pros: Good Mario Kart experience on a cabinet, fun co-op elements, good car and track designs, playable Baby Mario
Cons: Expensive, requires to find an arcade cabinet to play it, car selection is randomized, no playable Baby Luigi which is insulting considering Baby Mario is playable

C Tier
Mario Kart 7
Pros: Best handheld Mario Kart, addicting battle mode, introduced further kart customization such as ability to change tires, moddable, decently designed tracks
Cons: Horrendous single player content, especially axing versus mode, terrible experience in local multiplayer with inability to pause, timers everywhere and requiring to own a second copy of the game to enjoy all its content, glider/underwater driving doesn't really add much to the game

Mario Kart DS
Pros: Great battle mode, expanded customization, emblem creation, attempt to expand on single player content through mission mode, decent soundtrack, cheats expand on customization, moddable to an extent
Cons: Bad local multiplayer unless you own a second cartridge, bad sense of speed, snaking is a terrible mechanic, graphics are laughably bad, customization is still lacking compared to Diddy Kong Racing DS

Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Pros: Many great track designs, first handheld Mario Kart, still fun and satisfying to play through today, decent graphics that has aged okay
Cons: Everything bad about it can be attributed to its age, including its sloppy controls, GBA soundchip soundtrack, and lack of single player content

D Tier
Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled
Pros: Fun game with great racing mechanics, has a higher skill curve than Mario Kart, hugely expansive roster of characters, well-designed tracks, very customizable cars
Cons: The only reason it's D-tier is the predatory microtransaction system the game is built around, hugely restricting your customization choices and forcing users to grind, unless they want to pay money, additionally forcing users to be online and forcing users to constantly check the shop if it has something they want. Published by Activision, scummiest company in the industry. Is also 30 fps.

Diddy Kong Racing DS
Pros: Handheld remake of a beloved racing game, expanded customization options, racing is still good and holds up, good multiplayer support
Cons: Hugely watered down and botched remake in general, with worse music, worse character voices, unbalanced customization, and terribly integrated obnoxious touch controls. Track creator is barren

Super Mario Kart
Pros: Pioneered the genre, item combat and track design still hold up, good music
Cons: Woefully, woefully, woefully outdated and outclassed in every way, there's no reason to be playing this today, especially with repetitive single player content, repetitive track design, and outdated sound.

Mario Kart 64
Pros: Character voices are satisfying, sound design is good, track designs are fun such as Choco Mountain, pretty good soundtrack
Cons: Many bad things about it attributed to it can be to its age such as terrible graphics and sloppy controls, though horrendous single player content, lackluster customization, unskippable cutscenes, some terrible track designs and the worst AI in the series is not fun to play regardless of what time period you live in.

F Tier
Pokemon Dash
Pros: On-foot racing, which isn't common........that's the only pro I can think of....???
Cons: Strong tech demo vibes, only Pikachu is playable, very lazy content to the point of near nonexistence, woefully generic track designs, bad graphics, hugely repetitive gameplay, annoying and repetitive touch-based gameplay

Mario Kart Tour
Pros: Baby Luigi playable, lots of assets to mine from
Cons: Everything that is ugly and wrong with mobile gaming is in this one, from microtransactions, multiple currencies, season passes, three rating star system, grindy as hell, loot boxes (aka actual gambling mechanics) which makes it hazardous to play and it's grotesque because the franchise is aimed at kids, which is predatory. It also plays and controls like shit and the track designs are bastardized beyond all belief and watered down to accommodate. Its free price on a mobile platform does not justify the grossly predatory model strings attached to it, get Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart instead if you want an actual good and free racing game.

Unranked Racing Games Tier
Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 (I played this, but only through emulation, which isn't really how it's intended to be played)
Rocket League (I mean, it has cars and you can drive in it which is why I even mentioned it but it's not a racing game)
Rayman Arena (Not strictly a racing game, but it does have an on-foot 3D racing mode which I found pretty fun)

Racing Games I Have Yet To Play Tier
(most of them of course but these are ones that seem interesting to me)
Cars 2
Cars 3: Driven to Win
Cruisin' Blast
(this is up on the next racing game I'll play)
Any F-Zero title (I apologize to Blocky and 3K for the lack of any F-Zero titles on my tier list!!!!!)
A Need for Speed game, perhaps Most Wanted.
A Midnight Club game
Maybe some of the vehicle combat games only Glowsquid seems to know about????
Chocobo GP
Hotwheels Unleashed
Snowboard Kids
Lego Racers
ModNation Racers
LittleBigPlanet Karting
Initial D
arcade games
Stunt Race FX
Sonic Riders
(erring on the "maybe" part rather than I must play this)

Racing Games I Don't Have Any Interest in Playing
All Racing Sim games such as Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, etc
Mediocre licensed cartoon kart racers such as Nickelodeon Kart Racers, Mickey's Speedway USA, Cartoon Network Racing
Bad Racing Games such as Garfield Kart, Hello Kitty Kruisers, M&M's Kart Racing, Sonic R, Big Rigs etc. They might be memed online, but it's not for me.

There is a racing game called "Ray Tracers"!?

Shy Guy on Wheels

Dry Bowser
mario kart 8 track tier list
Screenshot (358).png

Bad Racing Games such as [...] Sonic R
I know the game is memed online, but I wouldn't call it a bad racing game, especially not on the same level as Garfield Kart or Big Rigs. It's not amazing or anything (it's rather lacking in content, you could unlock everything in around an hour), but I don't think it deserves to be outright dismissed alongside games that are unfinished, unplayable, shovelware. There is a decent amount that can be enjoyed, and I'd recommend it at least be given a chance.


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I did listen to some of Sonic R's soundtrack and it actually sounds pretty good...?

It sounds like it belongs in a DDR game lol, and I like it.


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Best Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled Characters (out of all the characters I have)

S Tier: Cortex, Tiny Tiger, Dingodile, King Chicken, Iron Checkpoint Crate, N. Brio, Geary, Ripper Roo, Crunch

A Tier: N. Gin, Crash, Megamix, Pinstripe, Oxide, Penta

B Tier: Komodo Joe, Megumi, Ami, Liz, Coco, Spyro, Polar, Pura

C Tier: Small Norm, Both Velos, Papu Papu

D Tier: Krunk


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Yeah I just based this off reputation regarding Sonic R, so I should give that game a try.

As for F Zero, I think GX is the way to go? The reputation for that game being insanely difficult is somewhat of a put off however.

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As for F Zero, I think GX is the way to go? The reputation for that game being insanely difficult is somewhat of a put off however.
Eh only Story Mode was for me, but that might have been because I tried it too early. You can get upgrades for your vehicles by beating Grand Prix, which probably makes Story much easier.

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You really didn't stack up.
Tick Tock Hop in D? That's like, easily one of my favorite minigames, definitely top five from Mario Party 3.

Also Slot Car Derby in S? Did they make it better in Superstars? It blows ass in the first two games. Now I'm really curious to play Superstars myself and find out if they made it better somehow.

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i used rabbid mario and rabbid luigi a LOT becuase the former is just really fun and deals incredible violence which is fun and he ALSO makes fun noises + the latter has cool healing
i never learned how to use the yoshis meanwhile. idk what rabbid yoshi does that the other characters dont do
wow tihs is the most ive talked about mario + rabbids in months


I probably should've said this tier list is based off of how efficient everyone is rather than it being my favorites to use

Reasons why I think Luigi is easily best is because he does a lot of damage at a large distance so his one downside being health is mitigated by that, also sentries are easily the best weapon type being able to draw enemie's line of sight skills so you don't have to put yourself at risk of status effects, as well as being able to target anyone and doing a lot of damage + not caring about walls. Luigi also has access to double team jump which can clear some arrive maps very easily (notably the arrive map in 4-2, which you can literally clear in 1 turn thanks to him I think?). Itchy feet's also pretty good because more move always means more flexibility in terms of options. His steely stare is pretty bonkers too when you can get it to attack a million times in a turn.

Rabbid Peach has Sentries + Healing, and also arguably the best shield, which is enough to put her top 2.

Mario has M-Power which is good enough to put him where he is, also I think he might have the best line of sight skill tho Luigi's is obviously really good too. For being forced in pretty much every mission he's worth the slot.

Rabbid Luigi's claim to fame I find is his dash, being easily the best in the game, tho he struggles with actual damage especially early on when he doesn't crit very often, and bazooka isn't a weapon type I think is that good, it does area damage but the damage itself is kinda small. That said his shield does protect him from getting randomly status'd and debuffing enemies is good when most of those enemies will hit you and do some amount of damage.

Peach I admittedly don't have much experience with but a team jump that heals a little + protection seems pretty solid to me, tho her actual damage output leaves a little to be desired.

Yoshi has decent damage with his minigun and his skill allows him to guarantee crits which is nice on paper but Mario's M-power is typically enough to do the job, and Mario's already forced anyway. Plus if I remember correctly yoshi's ground pound hurts allies too which can make him a reliability at times.

Rabbid Yoshi just like Yoshi has decent damage with the minigun but while he doesn't have a ground pound that potentially hurts allies he also kinda doesn't have much going for him, though being able to take a hit or two without flinching is nice but you're not gonna throw him in the middle of a million enemies cause after two hits the rest will fuck him up. The scream is nice to trigger line of sights tho so that's something.

Rabbid Mario relies on getting close to the enemy to maximize damage and on paper his magnet dance is great for getting all the enemies together and doing big damage, but the issue is he's likely not killing all these guys in one hit, and he has the worst shield which is counter intuitive considering that to really contribute he has to be put at risk. That said, although I think he might be the least efficient of all the characters I still think there's situations where he can shine.

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ohh fair good points
i think rm is good if you get the buffest hammer .. i actually dont. remember anything in regards to killing everyohne in one hit i havent played in so long to be honest
i think hes p viable there has to be a reason i use him all the time (aside from fun sounds and animations


fun does tend to be a huge factor most of the time

I think rm can still do things just fine even with the flaws he has anyway, it just requires more setup to be reliable than it does with other people is basically what I'm saying like say idk you do some area damage shenanigans which leaves enemies weak enough to be squished therefore eliminating any danger to him. It's all really a question of resource management + how worth it is to do x thing with x character when y character might give the same result just easier if that makes my logic any clearer

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I'm not going to review every single minigame, but I'm going to have quick blurbs about some noteworthy ones

Look Away has a better original version, with the strange bobbing heads and all. It's still a super memorable minigame. I know other minigames tried to redo the concept, but none will really replicate the surreal feeling of the original. I really miss the wacky old expressions in Look Away such as Mario's bug eyes, Luigi's weird black dotted eyes, Wario's lack of grin, DK's solemn mouth, and others. You're just not going to see those in a modern game. That being said, the new version isn't bad either, it's still super charming to see close-ups of characters swaying their heads and their facial expressions reacting to eliminating or failing to eliminate.

Face-Lift is a classic. It's always fun distorting faces to such comical degrees. After all, there's such huge appeal messing up Mario's face in Super Mario 64. I now wish for the rest of the cast to have their face pulled. We also need the "Super Bowser 64" in the background. I'm still happy they brought this back in Mario Party The Top 100 too!

Rocky Road I have pure nostalgia for for always enjoying playing with my sister thanks to tag team matches we played in Mario Party 6. So satisfying breaking the giant boulder at the end. I like the easy CPUs here for looking like they're trying to attack each other rather than focus on the minigame's goals, particularly if it's Waluigi and Wario.

The Final Countdown is an elimination based minigame, but I really like the twist they add with the constantly counting down tiles. You also can punch and kick people. It does the elimination aspect far better than Bumper Balls or Bounce N Trounce IMO, since you're more mobile and the platforms just make it more involved with the multitasking and such.

Flash Forward slaps! Ahem, it's fun chaos and everyone loves the picture at the end of success and failure! Even the developers like this one, since they made like two iterations like Slaparazii and this one.

Money Belts, the only reason it's on there is that the top guy rolls and tumble down if they fall off and that's always hilarious.

X-Ray Payday (formerly Money Belts): Peripheral vision... the minigame!

Trace Race and Butterfly Blitz were like the only two Battle minigames I remember playing over and over in Mario Party 4 (you choose one of two Battle Minigames after you land on the Battle Space) and got ridiculed for it because they weren't as violent as Bowser's Bigger Blast or Chain Chomp Fever. I rather we have Butterfly Blitz back since I quite liked that one, especially with its stark contrast to Chain Chomp Fever.

Coney Island would've been way higher if you're able to push your opponents, but as it stands, you can't. This eliminates a huge competitive part that makes the game so much fun to begin with. I really want to rank it higher, but they shouldn't have changed it to just "whoever reaches the shadow first gets the ice cream".

Bobsled Run is on here, but there are so many other minigames like this that does this way better like Lean, Mean Ravine, Sky Pilots, Hanger Management, and Buzzstormer. Bobsled Battle probably is better too, but never played Mario Party 10.

Messy Memory.... I hated rapid memorization minigames back then, and they still cause me anxiety today.

Pokey Pumel... I'm sorry Mario Party 7, but Pokey Punch-Out does "murdering Pokeys" so much better. The raining Pokey bits at the end makes this the least bad of the button mashers.

Eatsa Pizza is a minigame I want to like, but it completely murders my hands. Imagine having to repeatedly mash on buttons with your nondominant hand. I love the concept, but I think changing it from a mindless button masher that lasts too long to be worthwhile to something funnier is better. Pizza Me, Mario is a better minigame, though miss me with the motion controls.

Mecha-Marathon recreates the horrors of button mashers with your nondominant hand, but you mash two buttons to kill your thumbs instead. Switch buttons aren't the most comfortable to press; it's already bad enough when I played this on emulator with an Xbox controller.

Honeycomb Havoc is apparently, to the developers, super interesting to have it return from Mario Party Top 100. The N64 Mario Parties had a lot of genuine stinkers that a lot of N64-nostalgic folk overlook while denigrating the GCN Mario Parties for "chore" games like "Dust Til Dawn" (yes I remember this criticism), maybe this game is a wake-up call hopefully.

Rockin' Raceway was a menace to have graced a game not only once but TWICE. Who thought this minigame was such a hot shot they thought they should return it again? I love the concept of horses but you have Fiddler on the Hoof!? This is such an insult to horse racing as a sport. Sure, the screenshots might look fun, but in practice, you move at a ambling Goomba's pace while you mash buttons, but you can't mash buttons too fast or else you'll run out of stamina. Oh, and those signs make it a bit hard to get what you need since the acceleration takes forever.

Cast Aways... wow... this might be my least favorite minigame of all time, beating out even Rudder Madness. Rudder Madness might suck so bad, but does it murder your control stick in the process? No. At least Tug O'War is over relatively quick. This minigame lasts one entire minute. In theory, you're supposed to take advantage of stick sensitivity, but I almost always throw it at the farthest distance where there the rewards are sparse. Not to mention, your casting is super slow. But anyhow, you have to spin your stick to reel that stupid glove in rather than it automatically coming to you... I guess for engagement but in practice it's just added pain. I practiced way too long for a while trying to get the hang of this thing, still got 0 coins in the real deal while a medium CPU opponent, who's usually extremely idiotic in other minigames and regularly loses to the easy CPU opponent, takes home a whopping 50, probably a coin bonus to add insult to injury. At least I have a shot winning at Bowser's Bigger Blast.

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I was bored so I decided to make a tier list of the 2D and 3D Mario games. (Edited to put in context to my rankings)

S - Awesome. (I'm not gonna lie, nostalgia plays a part in these selections).
*Super Mario World - Amazing game. Different colored Yoshi's with different abilities, the cape, and many of the levels were fun.
*Super Mario Bros 3 - Amazing game. Fun levels and interesting power ups. Not to mention the extra e-reader levels in the Advance port. The Battle mode in the SNES version was also fun.
A - Great
*New Super Mario Bros (DS) - A really good return of the 2D formula. Multiplayer minigame mode and the VS modes were amazing.
*Super Mario Bros 2 - Really great, despite the change of gameplay style. The Advance version probably made me like this game more than I would have otherwise. (The NES and SNES versions are fine, though). The Yoshi egg hunt in the Advance port was challenging, but fun.
B - Good
*New Super Mario Bros Wii - Fun, but 4 players can be very chaotic to play sometimes. And yeah, this game probably could have had different level themes. But overall, it was still fun. I wish they would have removed that "split second freezing" that happens when someone gets an item, since it can screw players up. (It's kept in NSMBU and NSMB2)
*New Super Luigi U - Probably more interesting than the base game. Although I don't think this game can be handled with 4 players due to the fast paced nature of it.
*New Super Mario Bros U - Fun, but also redundant. And this happened to be the first HD Mario game. It felt like NSMBW HD. 4 players is still chaotic. At least they bothered to change up the boss attacks... sort of, even though they were the Koopalings again. Also, the game could have used online multiplayer in the Switch port.
C - Mixed/Fine
*Super Mario Maker - Was a fun game, but dropped it after a while. I think they should have focused more on adding more tools and level elements to help it last longer.
*Super Mario Bros - Fine game. The Deluxe version on GBC was my introduction to this game. Still fun, but later games generally just get better. I do like that the deluxe port has race the Boo/VS mode, and the challenge mode with the score requirements, 5 red coins, and Yoshi egg hunt.
*Super Mario Land - A short nice game for the gameboy. Has a bit of variety of level themes and the plane stages.
*Super Mario Land 2 - Also nice for the gameboy. Also has variety with the level themes.
D - Eh
*New Super Mario Bros 2 - Alright game, but was basically NSMBW lite. And the Co-op mode from what I've seen was a disappointment, since despite
each player having their own screens, they still have to stay together. I would have rather they brought back the VS mode from the DS game.
*Super Mario Bros 2 (JA/Lost Levels) - The famicom original was too annoying for my liking. Even with the suspend feature from the Wii VC, it was still
rage inducing. (I remember being happy when I finally beat the game, got to World 9, then lost all my lives on the first or second level and it
kicks you back to the beginning of the game. At that point, it was a wrap for that game. Not to mention having to beat the game 8 times in order to get to World A-D). The SNES version was more forgiving and just has the worlds available after beating the game, but it's still not a game I would be in a hurry to replay.
*Super Mario Run - An alright game from the little that I've played.
F - Bad


S - Awesome
*Super Mario Galaxy - Amazing game, gravity, amazing music. Nearly every mechanic just worked here. There were a few annoying levels, but overall most of them were great. The post game wasn't good. (100 percenting the whole game again, but with Luigi in order to access the final bonus level).
*Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Well, it's just as amazing as the first even though its basically 50 dollar level DLC. It resets the story and isn't as "cinematic" as the first. Also there's still amazing music. The post game still isn't good. Green stars appear in every level and it's basically backtracking, so it's really just filler for the bonus final level, which was annoying. I would rather have the green stars be collectables available from the start.
A - Great
*Super Mario 64 DS - Great game. Liked the extra characters and extra levels. Minigames and the VS mode was also fun. (VS mode as fun as it is, should have been more expanded). The controls aren't perfect, but manageable.
B - Good
*Super Mario 3D World - Enjoyable, especially with multiple people. Of course it wasn't the grand 3D game that was expected, but still a good game in its own right. And they finally added online in the Switch port.
*Super Mario 64 - Good game, but not without its roughness. Some of the levels are boring to get through. (Rainbow Ride, although you can cheat parts of it).
*Super Mario Sunshine - Good game with its moments of roughness scattered around. 100 percenting the game is annoying. And of course the pinball level and the process of getting to the instant kill river sucked.
*Super Mario 3D Land - Also good, but I probably might have liked it more if I haven't already played 3D World prior.
Cs or below
*From the little I've played of Mario Odyssey, I'd probably put it in B.
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update on that characters thing i posted but with Resorting Due To Opinions Changing + general clarification of what i think exactly

lmao i dont know who on this forum would care that much about my opinions on some dumb fictional birds

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update on that characters thing i posted but with Resorting Due To Opinions Changing + general clarification of what i think exactly

lmao i dont know who on this forum would care that much about my opinions on some dumb fictional birds
Maybe a quick rundown on why you like them would be more engaging. Chirp! Like, I'd put the cockatiel on top because she's a cockatiel!