What is your favorite and least favorite Mario game?

favorite is probably odyssey or donkey kong country tropical freeze or something
least favorite...... i dont realy have anything id call least favorite but techincally a few of the mario games ive played would count because i just do not really care for them . like i understand their importance but i respect them more than i like them
( this is mostly abt smb1 and to a lesser extent smb3 )
favourite - super paper mario
least favourite - mario kart wii
My favorite Mario game is Super Mario Galaxy 1. My least favorite is Yoshi: Touch & Go.
Favorite- SMB3

Least favorite- SMB. I considered saying SM64 but it has unique level design and a great soundtrack.

Favorite game with Mario in the title is Mario Kart Wii, if we're going that broad.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is my favorite Mario game. I love Mario Kart, 8 Deluxe is moddable, Baby Luigi is playable, has the best customization in the series, has the most content, and has the best battle mode. Really tough to top that.

Least favorite Mario game is probably Super Mario Galaxy 2 and even then I'd say it's not bad, it's just hugely outclassed by the first one and I was extremely disappointed by it.

Oh, Mario Kart Tour is the worst Mario game objectively speaking but I didn't play that shit so.
I don't have much of a number one Mario game but Mario Kart and Mario Party remain two of my favorite series, and I also enjoy tennis, Strikers, baseball, Mario Sports Mix, golf a lot. Super Mario Odyssey is probably my favorite Mario game however. Just love roaming as Mario, hope Nintendo can somehow pull off an open world Mario; that'll be delicious, as I highly enjoyed BOTW and Horizon Zero Dawn and like the more open aspect of Odyssey despite that not being open world). I dig the genre, mmmhmm. Maybe sometime in the future, I just want an expansion to Odyssey, since there are some very lacking kingdoms like Ruined Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdom (which looks pretty depressing for a Mushroom Kingdom quite frankly, especially when you see it isolated from literally every other kingdom on the planet).

My absolute least favorite Mario game has to be Mario Kart Tour. I've said my piece on it, but recap: it's the only Mario game I deem harmful to play for anyone, parental advisory needed. It's the only Mario game that I know preys on its playerbase via exploiting people with ADHD, autism, and children through encouraging gambling. I've played it myself. I absolutely abhorred the gameplay, chalking it up to be Mario Kart but worse in nearly every aspect due to the messy slipshod controls, the sluggish speed, the boring as hell track designs that accommodate for the snoozefest auto acceleratre/auto steer/auto trick.

I don't see how any other Mario game's worse than a game that's not just a bad game but a complete hazard. I'd rather kids play Mario is Missing or Mario's Early Years Preschool Fun or Hotel Mario.
Super Mario Galaxy. It's good stuff (no nostalgia bias exists here)

Mario Party 10 and Mario Kart Tour. I hate the second one more but I've played the first more so I will put both
Favorite: Mario Kart Tour. Yes, the game pisses me off and is frustrating because the AI is a real b*tch, but I can't stop playing it. It has the best character roster out of any Mario game period, and the best selection of karts and gliders. New stuff gets added every two weeks and the selection of courses changes. Also, the Trick and Reverse variants that the tracks have is way better than Mirror mode. This is the only Mario game that I play everyday, and I've done so for the past two years.

Least favorite: Mario Party Island Tour
Mario Kart Wii. Perfect. Flawless. Masterpiece.
mario kart tour. Weak and rather lacking gameplay, even for a mobile racing game. Ignoring that it's objectively bad as it's also just manipulative with it's microtransactions.

I only play Mario Kart games.
Favorite: Super Paper Mario

Least favorite: Paper Mario Sticker Star

And the proximity they are to each other in the same series really makes the contrast even more blatant. I still sincerely wish Super had been the 'new standard' if there had to be one. So close yet couldn't be farther away.
Favorite: Galaxy (NSMBWii and Origami King being very close runner ups)

Least Favorite: TTYD

Not that this is a surprise for anyone just felt like posting in this thread because. Feel free to ask for elaboration.
Fav: SM64. First game that really felt like stepping into another world.
Least: SMW. Didn't have a SNES so I didn't play it growing up. When I did get around to playing it felt very dated and I hated the cape + spin mechanics. At least Yoshi is cool.
Yeah there's a lot of "dated" feel of Super Mario World, but I still think it'll hold up pretty well if it were like, wiped from collective consciousness and rereleased with zero changes as an indie-developed retro 2D Mario. I don't think it's the best Super Mario platformer but I know a lot of people would beg to disagree.
My favorite would have to be Luigi Mansion's Dark Moon, I love playing it, the gameplay structure is just satisfying to me and the game has a lot of spirit. In the literal sense with it's enemies but also with it's dialogue, animation, and music. I tried the first Luigi's Mansion game after it and I just like Dark Moon a whole lot more. The first game just controls weirder and the gameplay wasn't as satisfying and it's just a weaker game ngl. From what I heard 3 takes more influence from Dark Moon so that's good, I really should get 3 because I know for a fact I'd love it.

Least favorite is Mario Kart Tour, manipulative garbage that's infinitely worse than the games that it's unfortunately related to.

I'd say Origami King was my least favorite Mario game I feel comfortable with calling a Mario game. It was a painfully boring experience, I haven't touched any other Paper Mario Game before and it was not a good impression tbh. The gameplay is a borefest, it got boring quick and it was unrewarding. The slightly original characters were fun, the most I ever felt connected to a character in the game was when the bomb died that was the best part.
Choosing a favorite is difficult, I love the entire franchise. In fact, I like to think of each group of games per console, as whole entities. With that said, my favorite will always be the newest, because I crave new experiences and am not much a fan of replays. So for now it's Switch Mario, with 3DS & Wii U Mario tied in 2nd.

My least favorite is NES Mario. Same as Zelen, I respect their importance in impact, but.. they just didn't age well, even at SNES era.