1. SerchBoogie

    I made a guitar cover of Buoy Base Galaxy

    Hi everyone. I want to share my Buoy Base Galaxy guitar cover with you guys. My covers are in a Hard Rock style, which is the genre I want to promote with my channel and the one I grew up with. I try to make my covers with a more melodic, restrained yet strong style, always respecting the...
  2. curiosityfindin685456666

    favorite and least favorite mario party mini games (super stars)

    i really like mushroom mix up :/ what are your faves ?
  3. Pixelcraftian

    Mario Power-Up Ideas

    It's probably/definitely been made as a thread before, but what new power-up ideas would you add to Mario games? Personally would like to see a classic mushroom in a NSMB game for Mario to have his moveset and physics from the original SMB1
  4. Speedymcfly

    Making a Mario Movie Franchise

    Hello there, I like many others love Mario and I also love Movies, However I don't trust Illumination with Mario from what we've been hearing from it. So, what would it look like if I was in charge of it? Well it's in a pretty lengthy Google Doc, spanning over 40 Pages but i really, really want...
  5. A

    Asking for a YouTube essay on the Mario franchise

    Would you rather an animated Mario Series be story driven or episodic or a mix of both? And in general: what would you like to see from a Mario cartoon?
  6. Switchguy5543

    Are you excited for the 2022 Mario movie?

    Because I am!
  7. Switchguy5543

    What is your favorite and least favorite Mario game?

    For me: Fav: Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 Least Fav: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (I don’t hate it I just don’t like it that much)
  8. N

    Intoducing Super Mario Bros. Super Forum!

    Hello, there! I am Nostreamgia, and I am proudly presenting you "Super Mario Bros. Super Forum". Its a Mario Fan Forum, and I welcome you all to the forum! We are working on this forum for Somedays now, Me and my friends are working really hard to i9nvite participans. I dont really know how to...
  9. Toasty Toad

    What do you think is creepy in Mario games

    Do you see it
  10. Toasty Toad

    Crazy Coincidences in Mario

    So have you ever watched meet the Robinsons well look at this
  11. Bowser-Rex84

    Jakks Super Mario/World of Nintendo Figures

    One big hobby of mine is collecting toys (action figures) of various properties I enjoy. Depending on the property I typically have a focus on each unless it is something like the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World series where I'm mostly a completionist with it. Is there anybody else out there that...
  12. Matz

    Mario Boards Talk Game

    So basically this is a Talk Game. When replying, you must use a sentence to say an action. (Mario themed) You must first assign yourself a role. (e.g. Kooper, Vivian) Example: Guy A: “I’m Wario.” Guy B: “I’m Toadette” Guy C: “I’m Funky Kong” Then: Guy A (Wario): “I bite Funky” Guy B...
  13. R

    Mario Vs Bowser Stop Motion animation video

    Hey guys, check out my Mario vs Bowser Stop Motion animation.
  14. TroopaJuniorr

    Mario and Luigi PIT Novelized!

    Hello there! As an avid Mario and Luigi fan, and ESPECIALLY a fan of Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, over the last half of 2019 I've created a novelization-ish of a 2005 DS RPG classic, which is currently 5 chapters and about 17,000 words long. If you care to delve into a new way to...
  15. B

    The mighty search for an ugly Christmas cardigan!

    Hey cats, This is preeeeetty random, and not game related in the slightest, but I am slightly desperate to complete this personal little side quest and I hope there are some savvy humans out there that might be able to assist. A buddy of mine bought this Super Mario ugly Christmas sweater like...
  16. Nick29


    Hi everyone, I wanted to talk today about a topic that interests me a lot, namely Peachette. I like it because there are many theories about Peachette. But I have a question about that .. I mean, did I want to know if Peachette belongs to the group of Toads or Human species? Some say that it...