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The name's Matz Lunne!
Sorry for being off-topic, but you're only in elementary school?
how do you think I have so much free time

yeah, I’m in elementary school
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The name's Matz Lunne!
you could add subtitles colored for each character.
Whats the main story arc?
Thanks for the idea

- Kirby and Arya, the main protagonists, who search for the latter’s memories and then take revenge on Mewtwo, the main antagonist, who erased her memories

- Palutena and Zelda, who alongside Pit and Link (and later Simon and Marth too) fight off evil

- Meta Knight, Cloud, Mega Man and R.O.B. who may look like villains to some and heroes to others

- Mario, DK, Yoshi, Pikachu, Luigi and Sonic who protect Miitopia

- PAC-MAN, Ness, Lucas, Red (Trainer) and Agent 3 (Inkling) who replace the above fighters when Bowser sends them out of Miitopia

- Bowser’s Army, including Junior and the Koopalings, who capture Peach and try to conquer Miitopia

- Samus, Rosalina, Fox and Falco who fight Wolf and Ridley

- And last but not least, Mewtwo and his army: Wolf and Ridley serve him with loyalty while Bayonetta, Dark Pit and Robin serve them against their briefly

EDIT: Story outdated, the story will be rewritten.
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The name's Matz Lunne!
So I guess the people who read the list with minor spoilers will be wondering where are the big ones like Ganondorf, K. Rool, Villager, Ike, Captain Falcon, King Dedede, etc. Most of them will appear on the second season, which will be the series finale.

EDIT: Because of the restart in story, they may appear.
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The name's Matz Lunne!
I was thinking another possibility, which was making comics instead of episodes:


- It takes less time to get them made and doesn’t need other people.
- I can take more dynamic shots with better angles.
- I don’t need an SD Card or Video Editor whatsoever.


- They won’t be as flashy though.

So please tell me which do you prefer: Animated or comics? Please reply, it’ll help a lot!


The name's Matz Lunne!
I think I’ll go with comics after considering it for a while.

Video process:

- Film the entire thing with other people which takes hours or even days.
- Save all the replays.
- Edit them in the built-in Video Editor which requires an SD card.
- Post them on Smash World and then pass them to my PC using the Smash World app.
- Use he Video Editor in the PC to make the videos.
- Export them to YouTube.

Comic process:

- Select a fight with human players and the specific fighters.
- Pause and take a screenshot when a screenshot is needed.
- Export them to the Comic Editor and make the actual comics.

It honestly takes less time to get a comic ready.

...On a side note, the entire story and events will be rewritten as there were some flaws with the current story:

- Only four characters had any sort of character development
- Plot was lazy sometimes and full of plot holes
- Episodes were repetitive; about four out of twenty episodes were all about the same story arc
- Cliche moments: Falco being killed by Ridley, Peach captured by Bowser, etc.

More news soon.